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The Early Music Seminars were launched in 1976 by Egida Sartori, a celebrated harpsichordist and teacher at the conservatories in Rome, Venice, and Milan. In these summer seminars Egida Sartori offered not only young harpsichord players but also musicians of other instruments the chance to perfect performing techniques and interpretation by studying with illustrious Italian and foreign masters.
Since May 2007, the seminars have been directed by Pedro Memelsdorff, an internationally renowned musician and conductor, who was invited to direct the seminars after the death of Laura Alvini in January 2005. Memelsdorff aims to continue the historically documented approach to early music, focusing particularly on previously little explored issues of musical propaedeutics. The seminars will be enhanced by two new developments: the extension of the repertoire to include the Middle Ages (previously only the period from 16th to the 19th century was considered); and international musicology studies days to be held at the same time as the seminars.

All editions:

23 May 2012 – 29 May 2012
Child soloists in Paris.1680-1720 Charpentier, Nivers, Clérambault, Campra

20 May 2011 – 26 May 2011
Plainchant and Ars subtilior in the Latin East 1370 – 1430

02 May 2010 – 08 May 2010

Galileo musico
Music and the Arts in Galileo Galilei’s Thought

18 May 2009 – 24 May 2009
Codex Faenza 117
e l’alternatim in Italia alla fine del medioevo

05 May 2008 – 11 May 2008

Johann Rosenmüller (1617-1684).
Musica e dissimulazioni nel Seicento europeo

14 May 2007 – 20 May 2007
John Dunstaple (ca. 1390-1453)
Polifonia inglese nel Quattrocento italiano

Director: Pedro Memelsdorff

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