World Theatre Day – Theatre in prison

plus MAR, 27 2014

On 27 March, to mark World Theatre Day 2014, the Centre for Theatre Studies has organised a meeting, coordinated by Maria Ida Biggi and Paolo Puppa, on “Theatre in prison”.

Held in collaboration with the Department of Philosophy and the Cultural Heritage at Ca’ Foscari University, Venice, the event will be a chance to focus on the role of theatre in the difficult, problematic prison setting and to exchange views on the relationship between “inside” and “outside”.

After theoretical reflections by Gerardo Guccini, Fernando Marchiori, Andrea Porcheddu, Paolo Puppa and Cristina Valenti, there will be a presentation by Vito Minoia, Valeria Ottolenghi and Daniele Seragnoli of “Suspended Footsteps”, a project by Balamòs Teatro, a theatre company active in Venice prisons since 2006.