Hosted Events

The Giorgio Cini Foundation is located on the Island of San Giorgio Maggiore in the magnificent setting of St Mark’s basin, looking across to St Mark’s Square and Palazzo Ducale. The ancient monastery founded here in 982 now hosts one of the world’s most prestigious cultural institutions. The Island’s central location, its tranquil atmosphere and its unique architecture designed by Palladio and Longhena make the Giorgio Cini Foundation an ideal site for events, conferences and meetings.

The Giorgio Cini is dedicated to culture, research and study. For over 50 years it has hosted important international events including G7 summits, UNESCO conferences, major scholarly gatherings and smaller specialist meetings. The many possible combinations of interior and exterior spaces make the Foundation’s resources and facilities adaptable for any kind of event.
The three main halls – the Cenacolo Palladiano, Sala Carnelutti, Salone degli Arazzi – have a capacity for 300 to 500 people. They are situated on the ground floor and look out onto the Foundation’s gardens or the cloisters, which provide natural spaces that open graciously in mild weather. The halls themselves, designed by great architects and enhanced by fine works of art, bestow upon any event the exclusive and prestigious setting so characteristic of the Giorgio Cini Foundation.
Somewhat smaller rooms such as the Sala Barbantini, the Sala del Piccolo Teatro, the Sala del Consiglio and the Sala del Chiostro dei Cipressi are distiguished by refined antique furnishings and objets d’art. These spaces can host events for 100 to 300 participants or be used for secondary sessions of larger encounters..
The Foundation also has smaller elegant rooms, such as the Sala del Soffitto, the Sala del Polittico and the Sala del Procuratore, which are traditionaly used for private meetings and for stipulating important agreements.