The greater part of the Italian Antonio Vivaldi Institute‘s work revolves around the preparation and publication of modern editions of Vivaldi’s work. The compositions that have already been published, in collaboration with Ricordi, include all of the instrumental music (approximately 550 titles) and all of the sacred and profane compositions (87 works). Work is currently underway on the theatrical works, which include operas, serenades, oratories and arias.

Among its editorial projects, the Institute publishes, with Olschki, the ‘Quaderni vivaldiani”, which make the public the acts from the conferences it has organised since 1978 and a broad selection of monographic essays on Vivaldi’s life and work. It also publishes, in collaboration with S.P.E.S., a series on Vivaldi’s and unfinished works, handed down in a fragmentary way over time; a facsimile edition entitled ‘Vivaldiana’, the ‘Drammaturgia musicale veneta’ on the evolution of opera in Venice from 1640 to 1800, a project in collaboration with University of Venice since 1982; and, since 1980, the annual ‘Studi vivaldiani’, now distributed world-wide.

During the 70’s and 80’s the Institute collaborated with Teatro La Fenice in putting together seven Festival Vivaldi. From 1990 to 2002, it organised the annual International ‘Premio Antonio Vivaldi’ for recordings of early Italian music. It also curated a photographic exhibition entitled, ‘Antonio Vivaldi and his time’, which has been mounted in various cities in Italy, Europe and America.