Study Prize in Honour of Manlio Malabotta and Franca Fenga Malabotta

The Institute of Art History has announced an annual competition for a study prize  for art historians, graduates, postgraduates, master’s students, and PhD students, who for reasons related to their field of study and research need to make a study trip and/or live temporarily in a city other than that of residence (or domicile), to make use of the resources at a research institute, museum, library, archive or foundation.


The application deadline is 10 November 2022.


This prize is a way honouring the multifaceted figure of Manlio Malabotta (Trieste 1907-1975), a poet and intellectual, committed art critic, bibliophile with a passion for photography and fine art collector who played a leading role in 20th-century Italian culture;


His art collection included works by Giorgio Morandi, a splendid series of oils, drawings and lithographs by Filippo De Pisis (the principal reason the collection is so well known), sculptures by Arturo Martini, and paintings by Triestine artists Vittorio Bolaffio and Giorgio Carmelich. Many of his works are preserved today, thanks to the generosity of his wife Franca Fenga Malabotta, who donated them to major Italian museums and galleries, such as the Museo Revoltella, Trieste and the Galleria d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea, Ferrara. The collection was built up alongside a rich art library, enhanced over the years by valuable artist’s books illustrated by some great 20th-century masters, fully reflecting Malabotta’s taste and closely bound up with his friendships and intellectual relations.


Franca Fenga Malabotta has recently presented the Fondazione Giorgio Cini with Manlio Malabotta’s rich collection of graphic works: drawings and prints by Attardi, Biasion, Cassinari, Chagall, Dova, Guacci, Guidi, Kubin, Lilloni, Maccari, Marini, Mascherini, Minguzzi, Morandi, Morlotti, Reggiani, Vedova and Zigaina as well as artist’s books with graphic works by Barbisan, Bartolini, Carmelich, Carrà, Cesetti, Clerici, De Chirico, De Pisis, Gentilini, Guttuso, Maccari, Martini, Rosai, Sassu, Scipione, Viviani, and Zancanaro. The donation also includes a group of antique books on Istria and Dalmatia.


Download Call for applications for the MALABOTTA study prize