Religiographies, vol.1, n.1, 2022

By Comparative Studies of Civilisations and Spiritualities

ISSN 2974-6469



Special Issue: “Holy Sites in the Mediterranean, Sharing and Division” edited by Dionigi Albera, Sara Kuehn and Manoël Pénicaud

[PDF] 1-164





Introducing Religiographies

Francesco Piraino

[PDF] 1-13





Religious Sharing, Mixing and Crossing in the Wider Mediterranean

Dionigi Albera, Sara Kuehn, and Manoël Pénicaud

[PDF] 14-21





Column Transfers, New Buildings, and Textual Strategies: Christians and Muslims in Early Medieval Lydda and Jerusalem
Mattia Guidetti, University of Bologna

[PDF] 22-33


Early Religious Architecture in al-Andalus and its Islamic Context: some Reflections
Susana Calvo Capilla, Complutense University, Madrid

[PDF] 34-47


The Seven Sleepers between Christianity and Islam: from Portraits to Talismans
Thierry Zarcone, GSRL, CNRS, Paris

[PDF] 48-62


Mixed Worship: the Double Cult of Sarı Saltuk and St. Nicholas in the Balkans
Sara Kuehn, University of Vienna

[PDF] 63-81


Miracles and Apparitions of the Virgin Mary in Lebanon. The proof is in the Eyes of the Other
Emma Aubin-Boltanski, CéSOR, CNRS, Paris

[PDF] 82-95


A Paradoxical Pilgrimage. The Ghriba Synagogue in Djerba 
Dionigi Albera and Manoël Pénicaud, IDEMEC, CNRS, AMU

[PDF] 96-116





Rachid Koraïchi’s Migratory Aesthetics

Sara Kuehn, University of Vienna

[PDF] 117-133


Writing in Three Dimensions: Heterographies of Shared Sacred Sites

Dionigi Albera, CNRS, Idemec, Aix-Marseille University
Manoël Pénicaud, CNRS, Idemec, Aix-Marseille University

[PDF] 134-155



Books Reviews


Fabio Giomi, “Making Muslim Women European: Voluntary Associations, Gender and Islam in Post-Ottoman Bosnia and Yugoslavia (1878-1941)”
by Gianfranco Bria

[PDF] 156-160


Rose Wellman, “Feeding Iran: Shi‘i Families and the Making of the Islamic Republic”
by Lynda Clarke

[PDF] 161-164