Numerous ancient sculptures and high reliefs, as well as funerary monuments and tombstones, can be found on the facade and inside the Basilica of St. George.

Giovan Battista Bregno’s (1508) Istrian stone high relief of St. George and the Dragon with maiden, placed on the facade of the Buora dormitory overlooking St. Mark’s Basin, has been adopted as the symbol of the Cini Foundation.

An extensive iconographic program of stone sculptures is found in Longhena’s Scalone (1641-45).

Wood carvings and stone bas-reliefs from Monselice Castle adorn the corridors on the second floor of the Foundation.

From the second half of the 20th century are a number of sculptures (Messina, Castagna, Finotti, Gaudier-Brzeska…) in bronze, glass, and stone displayed inside and in the Foundation’s park.

Two important wooden sculptures and one in terracotta are in Palazzo Cini in San Vio.