Qwalala by Pae White

Pae White, “Qwalala”, LE STANZE DEL VETRO, Venezia 2017, Ph. Enrico Fiorese

On May 12, 2017, on the occasion of the 57th International Art Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia, Qwalala, a

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Exhibition Eleonora Duse and Arrigo Boito

Part of the celebrations for the centenary of the death of Arrigo Boito (1842-1918), this exhibition reconstructs the artistic and personal relationship of Eleonora Duse with the famous Veneto librettist, poet and composer –

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Music (and Musicologies) in the 21st Century. Copyright of Oral-Tradition Music: a New Ethnographic Issue

Music (and Musicologies) in the 21st Century
Copyright of Oral-Tradition Music: a New Ethnographic Issue

The issue of copyright has long been a subject of interest to ethnomusicologists, given that for

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Concert BOTTARI AND TARANTELLAS. Carnival Music in Campania


Carnival Music in Campania

For the Music (and Musicologies) in the 21st century Seminar, entitled Copyright of Oral-Tradition Music: a New Ethnographic Issue, the Intercultural Institute of Comparative Music Studies

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Seminar Islamic Ethics and Morality between Religion and Law

Organised in collaboration with Professor Ida Zilio-Grandi (Ca’ Foscari University, Venice), the seminar sets out to make a thorough survey of Islamic ethics and morality. It will specifically tackle the delicate issue of

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Jan Dismas Zelenka. Masses and sonatas 1720-30

Jan Dismas Zelenka
Masses and sonatas

Egida Sartori and Laura Alvini Early Music Seminars
Director: Pedro Memelsdorff

Venice, Fondazione Giorgio Cini, 19-24 February 2018
Deadline for presentation of requests: 10 December 2017
Scholarships addressed to instrumental ensembles

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Manifesto for the Future of Venice

YES, there is a future for Venice …

Starting from an analysis of the city’s main problems, the document suggests a series of immediately applicable practical proposals to safeguard Venice and its lagoon.

Consert Season at Auditorium "Lo Squero"

Concert Season 2017

21 January - 16 December 2017

Mario Brunello ushers in the new concert season at the Fondazione Cini Squero Auditorium. The program was created in collaboration with Asolo Musica, and it is dedicated to classical music.

Institutes and Centers of the Fondazione Giorgio Cini
Istituti e centri

Institutes and Centers of the Fondazione Giorgio Cini

Each Institute and Center, as part of its research activities, in addition to establishing regular periodical publications, organizes and promotes exhibitions, educational conferences and seminars.



lunedì -venerdì 9-18

La Nuova Manica Lunga è il luogo per la consultazione dei fondi documentali della Fondazione Giorgio Cini. Per agevolare le ricerche, l’intero piano terra è a scaffale aperto e consente il libero accesso ai materiali in numero illimitato.

Photo Library


Monday – Friday 9am – 1pm / 2pm– 4.30pm

A rich photographic archive includes about 730,000 photographs.
Consultation is possible by appointment.

Hosted Events
Sala del Soffitto 03


The combination of internal and external spaces of the Fondazione Giorgio Cini allows interpretation and use customizable for any type of event

Guided Tours
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you can visit the monumental complex in the weekend.
On Saturdays and Sundays it is open from 10 am to 5 pm every hour.

Art Bonus
Art Bonus

Art Bonus

Art Bonus is the measure promoted by the Government to encourage cultural patronage.
The monumental complex of the Island of Saint George is a beneficiary of D.L. 31.5.2014, n. 83, "Disposizioni urgenti per la tutela del patrimonio culturale, lo sviluppo della cultura e il rilancio del turismo", convertito con modificazioni in Legge n. 106 del 29/07/2014 e s.m.i.