From Portrait to the icon: the charm of an actress through photography

From portrait to icon. The charm of an actress in photography.

The Duse Archive photographic collection is a treasure trove of an inestimable value.

The quantity and variety of the photographic prints in

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Paolo Venini and His Furnace

Checkered ‘murrine’ glass vases and bowl, 1953

Curated by Marino Barovier for Le Stanze del Vetro, the exhibition Paolo Venini and His Furnace is devoted to a pioneering figure of 20th-century glass,

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Mindful Hands. Masterpieces of Illumination from the Fondazione Giorgio Cini

Maestro Olivetano, cut from Gradual with Corpus Domini or Holy Communion by the Apostles, initial C

A large exhibition entitled Mindful Hands. Masterpieces of Illumination from the Fondazione Giorgio Cini is due to be

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Mindful Hands. Conversations series

8 November — 22 December 2016 4.30pm
The conferences are free to the public

On the occasion of the exhibition Mindful Hands, open until January the 8th, the Fondazione Giorgio Cini offers a series of

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“Alternating Tones”: Musical Elements in the Poetry of Friedrich Hölderlin and its Reception with Composers. A Dialogue between German Studies and Musicology

This seminar has been organised by Gianmario Borio and Elena Pollastri with the support of the Centro Tedesco di Studi Veneziani, the Hölderlin-Gesellschaft, Tubingen, the Italian Section of the Hölderlin-Gesellschaft and

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Curt Cacioppo and Quartetto di Venezia. Retrospective in Venice

A restrospective concert at the new auditorium on the Isola di San Giorgio Maggiore, “Lo Squero”, by the Quartetto di Venezia and Curt Cacioppo at the piano. The program includes music by Cacioppo written

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Seminar “Music (and Musicologies) in the 21st century” Transformation Processes in Oral Tradition Music

The second edition of the IISMC seminar – Music (and Musicologies) in the 21st century – will be held in January and dedicated to the theme of Transformation Processes in Oral Tradition Music. This is a very topical subject, because oral tradition music is changing rapidly and deeply in the wake of the social and cultural trends shaping the contemporary world.

Most of the participants will be teachers from Italian universities, involved in documenting the vitality and depth of studies in Italy. Their fields of study range from Africa to Southeast Asia, the Arab world, and the Balkans, without neglecting Italian contexts

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Mindful Hands. Masterpieces of Illumination from the Fondazione Giorgio cini

17 September 2016 - 8 Jannuary 2017

An exhibition of over 120 illuminated pages and initials from one of the most important collections of miniatures worldwide, once owned by Count Vittorio Cini and presented to the Foundation in 1962

Institutes and Centers of the Fondazione Giorgio Cini
Istituti e centri

Institutes and Centers of the Fondazione Giorgio Cini

Each Institute and Center, as part of its research activities, in addition to establishing regular periodical publications, organizes and promotes exhibitions, educational conferences and seminars.

Hiroshi Sugimoto
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The Glass Tea House Mondrian

until 30 November 2016

The Japanese artist Hiroshi Sugimoto made his first architectural work, a temporary pavilion, in Venice for Le Stanze del Vetro on the Island of San Giorgio Maggiore.



lunedì -venerdì 9-18

La Nuova Manica Lunga è il luogo per la consultazione dei fondi documentali della Fondazione Giorgio Cini. Per agevolare le ricerche, l’intero piano terra è a scaffale aperto e consente il libero accesso ai materiali in numero illimitato.

Photo Library


Monday – Friday 9am – 1pm / 2pm– 4.30pm

A rich photographic archive includes about 730,000 photographs.
Consultation is possible by appointment.

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The combination of internal and external spaces of the Fondazione Giorgio Cini allows interpretation and use customizable for any type of event

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you can visit the monumental complex in the weekend.
On Saturdays and Sundays it is open from 10 am to 5 pm every hour.

Art Bonus
Art Bonus

Art Bonus

Art Bonus is the measure promoted by the Government to encourage cultural patronage.
The monumental complex of the Island of Saint George is a beneficiary of D.L. 31.5.2014, n. 83, "Disposizioni urgenti per la tutela del patrimonio culturale, lo sviluppo della cultura e il rilancio del turismo", convertito con modificazioni in Legge n. 106 del 29/07/2014 e s.m.i.