Glass Tea House Mondrian by Hiroshi Sugimoto

The Glass Tea House Mondrian
©Hiroshi Sugimoto+New Material Research Laboratory.
Courtesy of Le Stanze del Vetro.
Sponsored by Sumitomo Forestry and Fondazione Bisazza.

On June 6th, the “Glass Tea House Mondrian” will open to the public on the Island of San Giorgio Maggiore in Venice. The “Glass Tea House” is a temporary pavilion designed by the Japanese artist and photographer Hiroshi Sugimoto as part of the activities of Le Stanze del Vetro. Hiroshi Sugimoto is known worldwide for his black-and-white photographs, and for the first time ever he is to design an architectural building in Venice.

The “Glass Tea House Mondrian” is a project by […]

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Photo Library Meetings

After being successfully launched last year, from March on there will be a new series of “Photo Library Meetings”. These encounters with art historians and other experts provide the public with the opportunity to explore and discuss the photographic collections preserved in the archives of the Institute of Art History and to learn more about the scholars who put them together, such as Giuseppe Fiocco, Rodolfo Pallucchini, Nicola Ivanoff and Sergio Bettini. The overall collection of over 730,000 photographs provides a vast documentation on Veneto art and also includes sections devoted to other Italian regions, foreign museums, and works in […]

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The actress at work. Scripts annotated by Eleonora Duse

This exhibitions presents a fascinating series of documents illustrating how Eleonora Duse worked on the plays she staged or unrealised projects. Preserved in the Eleonora Duse Archive, the scripts, printed texts and prompters’ copies reveal how the actress wrote notes, made cuts and variations, and added annotations of various kinds. The exhibition provides great insights into her own personal way of reading, interpreting and exploring. The twenty texts on show are effectively complemented by related photographs, reviews, posters and letters. The scripts are by seven playwrights: D’Annunzio and Ibsen (the most frequently staged), Shakespeare (translated by Arrigo Boito), Gallarati Scotti, […]

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Exhibition. Vera Komissarževskaya meets Eleonora Duse

To mark the 150th anniversary of the birth of the great Russian actress Vera Fyodorovna Komissarževskaya (27 October February 1910), the Centre for Study and Documentary Research into European Theatre and Opera, in collaboration with Tor Vergata University, Rome, has organised a conference with the aim of furthering knowledge about the celebrated Russian diva (4 – 5 March 2015)

For the occasion there will be an exhibition in the Library of the Nuova Manica Lunga at the Fondazione Giorgio Cini featuring the two great actresses with a rich selection of documentary material from the collections of the St Petersburg State […]

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Books at San Giorgio Tenth Year

Books at San Giorgio is a series of meetings that presents the latest Fondazione Giorgio Cini publications, usually the outcome of its Institutes’ research activities in various disciplines: art history, 20th-century music, Venetian history, the music of Vivaldi, drama and ethnomusicology. In 2015 the series enter its tenth year. Over the past decade the Fondazione Giorgio Cini has published over 250 publications and has presented 60 of them at these launches (books of essays, art catalogues, critical editions of music and latest issues of magazines). The guest speakers at the presentations are leading figures from the world of culture and […]

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Concert Accademia Solti

The seventh edition of the Solti Peretti Répétiteurs Masterclasses, organised in collaboration with the Georg Solti Accademia di Bel Canto, will end with a concert featuring five pianos and six singers performing works from the Bel Canto repertoire in the splendid setting of the Sala degli Arazzi at the Fondazione Giorgio Cini.

The Solti Peretti Répétiteurs Masterclasses, unique in their kind, offer six exceptionally talented pianists a period of intensive study with some of the most expert contemporary répétiteurs. The skills of good répétiteurs cannot be underestimated, nor can their influence on the life and career of a singer. They are […]

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Glass from Finland in the Bischofberger Collection

On 13 April 2015 the exhibition Glass from Finland in the Bischofberger Collection will open on the Island of San Giorgio Maggiore. The exhibition is curated jointly by Kaisa Koivisto, chief curator at the Finnish Glass Museum in Riihimäki, Finland, and Pekka Korvenmaa, a professor at the Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Finland. This significant single loan of over 300 works of glass art from the Bischofberger Collection is highly representative of the excellence of Finnish and international design. The exhibition will enable a wider public to experience the fascination and brilliance of glass art as they explore masterpieces […]

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Magdalena Abakanowicz: Crowd and Individual

Magdalena Abakanowicz is a Polish artist who uses textiles as her principal sculptural medium. Curated by Luca Massimo Barbero, the exhibition of her work at the Fondazione Giorgio Cini will focus on her series of Crowds. She has made several versions of these group sculptures with variations in the number of figures and their poses (standing, walking or seated). Forged in various materials, the Crowds have been periodically created by the artist at different stages in her career and are arguably the most important part of her creative production. In various installations and configurations, her Crowds have been exhibited worldwide, […]

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The Palazzo Cini Gallery

On 25 April the Palazzo Cini Gallery at San Vio will re-open to the public, thanks to a partnership with Assicurazioni Generali, with a number of new attractions for visitors. Some additional works of arts will further enhance the itinerary and a series of exhibitions will be held on the second floor, while this year’s cultural activities programme includes the return of A Guest at the Palace and Art Conversations. Thanks to the generosity of Lyda Guglielmi, Yana Cini’s daughter, a significant group of paintings and furnishings, previously in the extraordinary collection put together by the Vittorio Cini in his […]

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Ettore Spalletti. Palazzo Cini

Promoted by the Fondazione Giorgio Cini Institute of Art History in collaboration with ASLC Progetti per l’arte – Verona, the Ettore Spalletti exhibition will be inaugurated on the second floor of the Palazzo Cini Gallery to mark the annual spring opening of the museum house. Spalletti has carefully chosen the works for the exhibition with the Palazzo Cini in mind. Far from the seductive celebrity at times feted on contemporary artists, he has worked by exploring the venue, getting the feel of it, observing the variations in light and studying the space.

The recently renovated rooms on the second floor of […]

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Early Music Seminars Egida Sartori and Laura Alvini. Matteo da Perugia Music in Gothic Milan (1390-1425)

Early Music Seminars Egida Sartori and Laura Alvini
17-21 May, 2015
Fondazione Giorgio Cini, Island of San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice


Matteo da Perugia Music in Gothic Milan (1390-1425)

Director: Pedro Memelsdorff

Lectures and master-classes by: Anne Azéma, Shira Kammen, Agnese Pavanello, Anne Stone.

The seminar will focus on the secular music of Matteo da Perugia (fl. 1400-1425), maestro di cappella at Milan Cathedral from 1402 to 1407, and again from 1414 to 1416. Nothing is known about his possibly Umbrian training, and no documents of his non-Milanese years survive. Scholars have speculated on his possible stay at Pavia, Pisa or Bologna, where he might have served Cardinal Pietro Filargo […]

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Shakespeare in Venice Summer School. The Shylock Project

The Shylock Project

Fondazione Giorgio Cini
Venice, 15 June – 11 July 2015

An intensive four-week course of study exploring the text and contexts of Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice.

A rich program of lectures and creative workshops by leading scholars, actors, and musicians held in the beautiful San Giorgio monastery will be complemented by theatre performances and excursions to the Jewish Ghetto and other Venetian sites.

A unique full-immersion experience aimed at creating the first historical production of the play in the Ghetto of Venice in the year of its quincentennial (1516-2016).

Application deadline postponed:
28 February 2015

The Shylock Project

Bill Alexander

Shaul Bassi

László Benke

Maria Ida Biggi

Jerry Brotton

Donatella Calabi

Dario Calimani

Thomas […]

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Hiroshi Sugimoto

The Glass Tea House Mondrian

June, 06 – November, 29 2014

The “Glass Tea House” is a temporary pavilion designed by the Japanese artist and photographer Hiroshi Sugimoto as part of the activities of Le Stanze del Vetro. Hiroshi Sugimoto is known worldwide for his black-and-white photographs, and for the first time ever he is to design an architectural building in Venice.

Photo Library

The Giorgio Cini Foundation Institute of Art History has a rich Photo Library containing a total of around 730,000 photographs, including 330,000 mounted on large index cards, and 65,000 negatives



Monday – Friday 9am 4.30pm

The Giorgio Cini Foundation library possessions include sections on the history of Venice, literature, theatre and opera, relations between Venice and the East, and relations between Venice and Europe. The most significant section, however, is undoubtedly that dedicated to the history of art, which has over 150,000 books and collections of periodicals (around 800 titles, of which over 200 are current titles).

Guided tours
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The Giorgio Cini Foundation monumental complex is open to visitors thanks to guided tours.

Guided tours will take place, without need of reservation, every Saturday and Sunday from 10.00 to 17.00.
During weekdays, guided tours are for groups of at least 12 people, upon reservation.

Hosted events
Sala del Soffitto 03

The Giorgio Cini is dedicated to culture, research and study. For over 50 years it has hosted important international events including G7 summits, UNESCO conferences, major scholarly gatherings and smaller specialist meetings. The many possible combinations of interior and exterior spaces make the Foundation’s resources and facilities adaptable for any kind of event.

“Benno Geiger” Scholarships

Applications by June 30, 2015

The Giorgio Cini Foundation offers three scholarships for studies focused on the Benno Geiger Archive, which is preserved and developed on the Island of San Giorgio, as well as on other literary archives held by the Foundation.