Palazzo Cini, the Gallery. Tuscan and Ferrarese Masterpieces from the Vittorio Cini Collection

24 May – 2 November 2014

Palazzo Cini, the Gallery.

Tuscan and Ferrarese Masterpieces from the Vittorio Cini Collection

 For the sixtieth anniversary of the Institute of Art History, the Palazzo Cini at San Vio will open to the public again

 Thanks to a partnership with Assicurazioni Generali, already a patron of the Giorgio Cini Foundation, from May to November visitors will be able to admire the palace with its marvellous collection of Tuscan and Ferrarese paintings, including works by Giotto, Guariento, Botticelli, Filippo Lippi, Piero di Cosimo and Dosso Dossi. 

In the sixtieth anniversary year of the creation of the Institute of Art History, […]

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Heinz Mack: The Sky Over Nine Columns

Paralleling the Architecture Biennale, nine columns—more than seven metres high and covered with a golden mosaic—stand in front of the Church of San Giorgio Maggiore, bearing the sky above them. Curated by art historian Robert Fleck, the installation The Sky Over Nine Columns offers a broad scope for association. As a manifestation of the human being standing upright, the column is the earliest element in the history of architecture and forms a direct relation between earth and sky. The golden mosaic consisting of over 800,000 tesserae is an example of the long tradition of local craftsmanship, representing Venice’s early cultural relations between Orient […]

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Glass Tea House Mondrian by Hiroshi Sugimoto

The Glass Tea House Mondrian
©Hiroshi Sugimoto+New Material Research Laboratory.
Courtesy of Le Stanze del Vetro.
Sponsored by Sumitomo Forestry and Fondazione Bisazza.

On June 6th, the “Glass Tea House Mondrian” will open to the public on the Island of San Giorgio Maggiore in Venice. The “Glass Tea House” is a temporary pavilion designed by the Japanese artist and photographer Hiroshi Sugimoto as part of the activities of Le Stanze del Vetro. Hiroshi Sugimoto is known worldwide for his black-and-white photographs, and for the first time ever he is to design an architectural building in Venice.

The “Glass Tea House Mondrian” is a project by […]

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Le Stanze del Vetro / Exhibition Tomaso Buzzi at Venini

The Lombard architect Tomaso Buzzi was a leading exponent of the so-called Novecento Milanese. A friend and collaborator of Gio Ponti, he was also a member of the group called Il Labirinto, together with architects and entrepreneurs like Ponti, Michele Marelli and Paolo Venini. And it was with Ponti that Tomaso
Buzzi became one of the most important creators of Italian taste in the 1930s, setting the benchmark for the next few years. An erudite architect, experimental industrial designer and refined interior designer, as well as being a collaborator with the magazine Domus, his services were sought by some of the most important upper-class Italian families: the Volpi, Cini, […]

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Books at San Giorgio

The book launch series dedicated to the latest Fondazione Giorgio Cini publications resumes in September. The first presentation on 15 September will feature the recent volumes of Studi Veneziani, the prestigious journal edited by Institute for the History of the Venetian State and Society. As usual, the journal includes articles on Venetian and Veneto culture, history, politics and art, including a long essay by François-Xavier Leduc on the Venetian aristocracy’s management of their property from the 14th century on. On 7 October the latest issue of Arte Veneta will be unveiled. For the sixtieth anniversary of the creation of the Institute Art History, the journal, which was […]

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Art Conversations

Art Conversations

 1 October - 29 October 2014

After the first series of “Art Conversations”, devoted to the collections and, especially, the pictorial masterpieces, this new series of meetings focuses on the decorative arts, as represented in the Palazzo Cini collection by the significant groups of ivories, furniture, porcelain and enamelled copper objects.

The theme of the decorative arts will also be dealt with in a major international conference organised by the Institute of Art History, which this year celebrates its sixtieth anniversary: Venetian Renaissance Enamelled Copper Objects (16-18 October, Island of San Giorgio Maggiore), staged in collaboration with the Musée du Louvre. […]

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Meeting in the Photo Library

The series entitled Meetings in the Photo Library. The Photographic Archives in the Institute of Art History, aims to attract specialists and art historians, but also anyone interested in furthering their knowledge about the photographic collections and the people who put them together.

On 22 October Antonella Chiodo will introduce the bequest of the english scholar Evelyn Sandberg Vavalà, conserved in the Photo Library of the Institute of Art History, and the ongoing cataloguing activities. Marcella Culatti from the photo library of the Fondazione Federico Zeri in Bologna will also participate.

This series is part art of the events to mark the sixtieth anniversary of the creation of the Institute of Art […]

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The Art History Seminars

Exactly sixty years ago, in 1954, thanks to a group of art historians, led by Giuseppe Fiocco and including experts of the calibre of Sergio Bettini, Carlo Anti and Piero Zampetti, and with Vittorio Cini’s resolute support, the Fondazione Giorgio Cini Institute of Art History was created and immediately revealed its potential to
become a major international study and research centre. The newly founded institute was officially unveiled in October of the same year, during the historic conference on Figurative Art and Abstract Art. The Institute of Art History’s critical, interdisciplinary approach and diversified methodological orientations soon made its
significance and primary aim clear. It was intended to play a […]

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The Italian seasons of Niccolò Jommelli

This year a series of academic initiatives and music events to be held in various venues will mark the third centenary of the birth of Neapolitan composer Niccolò Jommelli. The initiatives have been promoted by the
Study Centre for Documentary Research into European Theatre and Opera in collaboration with the Second University of Naples, the Pietà de’ Turchini Foundation (Naples), the Francesco Cilea Conservatoire (Reggio
Calabria), the Teatro San Carlo (Naples), the Italian Institute for the History of Music, the University of Vienna, and the Divino Sospiro Study Centre (Lisbon). In Venice from 31 October – 1 November, there will be
a one-day conference entitled The Italian seasons of […]

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Musical Improvisation in the Age of Beethoven and ‘Open’ Forms

A follow-up to the conferences Improvised Music in Europe: 1966-1976 (November 2012) and Con la mente e con le mani: Improvisation from ‘cantare super librum’ to partimenti (November 2013), this event is the third in a series of dates on the role of musical improvisation in various historical periods.

The focus of this conference, coordinated by Gianmario Borio and Angela Carone, is on four areas: the views of critics, composers and theoreticians, forming indispensable material for an understanding of the intertwining of improvisation, performance and composition; compositional forms expressly derived from improvisation (bagatelles, divertimenti, preludes, capricci, fantasias and improvvisi); traces of […]

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XX International Seminar on Ethnomusicology

From 29 to 31 January 2015, the Intercultural Institute for Comparative Music Studies organizes the XX edition of the International Seminar on Ethnomusicology curated by Francesco Giannattasio: “Musical traditions: patrimonies, archives, and new creativities.”

In the past two Seminars we have extensively debated the issues of status, perspectives, tasks and methods of investigation for a comparative musicology of the XXI Century, in the light of recent dramatic changes in the cultural and social scenario that characterizes the world in this new century. In order to update our discipline to the new reality that we are facing, we have thoroughly […]

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Exhibition Le Stanze del Vetro

Tomaso Buzzi alla Venini

14 September -11 January

Le Stanze del Vetro, a joint cultural initiative by Fondazione Giorgio Cini and Pentagram Stiftung,

Hiroshi Sugimoto

The Glass Tea House Mondrian

June, 06 – November, 29 2014

The “Glass Tea House” is a temporary pavilion designed by the Japanese artist and photographer Hiroshi Sugimoto as part of the activities of Le Stanze del Vetro. Hiroshi Sugimoto is known worldwide for his black-and-white photographs, and for the first time ever he is to design an architectural building in Venice.

Heinz Mack

The Sky Over Nine Columns

June, 03 – November, 23 2014

The installation The Sky Over Nine Columns is realised by Beck & Eggeling International Fine Art, Düsseldorf and Sigifredo di Canossa, in cooperation with the Fondazione Giorgio Cini. The realisation is supported by Trend, Vicenza.

Bîrûn. Ottoman Music Seminars.

Call for

deadline 15 January 2015

The maftirîm and the works of Sephardi Jews in Ottoman classical music

From 13 to 18 April 2015 the Intercultural Institute for Comparative Music Studies, part of the Fondazione Giorgio Cini, Venice, will organize the fourth edition of Bîrûn, seminars on classical Ottoman music, directed by Kudsi Erguner, addressed to professional and semi-professional musicians.



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The Giorgio Cini Foundation library possessions include sections on the history of Venice, literature, theatre and opera, relations between Venice and the East, and relations between Venice and Europe. The most significant section, however, is undoubtedly that dedicated to the history of art, which has over 150,000 books and collections of periodicals (around 800 titles, of which over 200 are current titles).

Photo Library


Monday – Friday 9am – 1pm/ – 2pm -4.30pm

The Giorgio Cini Foundation Institute of Art History has a rich Photo Library containing a total of around 730,000 photographs, including 330,000 mounted on large index cards, and 65,000 negatives. The Photo Library is available to scholars and researchers, partly available for direct consultation, partly divided into thirty photographic funds

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The Giorgio Cini is dedicated to culture, research and study. For over 50 years it has hosted important international events including G7 summits, UNESCO conferences, major scholarly gatherings and smaller specialist meetings. The many possible combinations of interior and exterior spaces make the Foundation’s resources and facilities adaptable for any kind of event.