International Conference: Transnational Sufism in Contemporary Societies: Reconfiguring Practices, Narratives and Boundaries

Venice, Island of San Giorgio Maggiore

Sufism, a path of spiritual, mystic and esoteric purification in the Islamic world, has played a central role in the history of Islam as regards its artistic, philosophical, ethical and political developments.
In the Modern age, Sufism suffered a twofold attack: on one hand from “Islamic reformists” (Salafi and Wahabi), who consider Sufism to be a form of innovation and syncretism and, on the other, from “Modernists”, who see it as an archaic religious manifestation. Nonetheless, Sufism in the contemporary world shows great vitality: new brotherhoods have been founded and existing ones have acquired renewed energy. This revival of contemporary Sufism deserves further study, and that is why the Fondazione Giorgio Cini, with Francesco Piraino, director of the Centre for Comparative Studies of Civilisations and Spiritualities, in collaboration with Mark Sedgwick (University of Aarhus) decided to organize this international conference.

The themes to be addressed are: the new theological forms of Sufi, with a special focus on the relationship with the Other; policies of Sufism; and its cultural and religious influence on society. A second objective of the conference is to introduce some topics of Sufism and Islam to a wider audience. For this purpose, one of the invited speakers is Khaled Bentounes. A Sufi master in the Alawiyya brotherhood, he will deal with the relationship between Islam and Sufism.

Program Sufism Cini 2017

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Transnational Sufism in Contemporary Societies