International Conference New Music Theatre in Europe: Transformations between 1955-1975

Island of San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice
plus Nov, 2627 2016

Coordinated by an Advisory Committee made up of Robert Adlington, Gianmario Borio, Giordano Ferrari, Dörte Schmidt and Daniela Tortora, this conference is a crucial stage in a research project on experimentation in music theatre, the first step having been the 2015 seminar on Avant-garde Theatre and Experimental Music for the Stage in Italy: 1950-1975. As in the previous seminar, underlying this conference is a philological-historical enquiry into works, events and institutions that have played an important part in the development of new forms of music theatre.

The themes for this meeting, which has attracted a varied group of Italian and international musicologists, include redesigning the stage space and its components, the relationship between actors, mime and instrumentalists, political aspects of experimental theatre, the figure of the composer-playwright, and the creation of ad hoc texts that no longer have the characteristics of a libretto.

On the November, 26 at Padiglione delle Capriate there will be a concert of MDI ENSEMBLE Group.
The concert is free, subject to availability, upon presentation of the invitation to be collected at the entrance.

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Mauricio Kagel, Staatstheater
Staatsoper Hamburg, 25.4.1971
Foto by F. Peyer