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The Orchestra di Piazza Vittorio

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the International Ethnomusicology Seminar, the Intercultural Institute of Comparative Music Studies has organised an important event as part of its programme of activities: at 8 pm on Friday, 30 January 2015, there will be a performance at the Teatro Goldoni of the Magic Flute according to the Orchestra di Piazza Vittorio,which will be playing in Venice for the first time.

Originally inspired by the Mozart opera, in this version conducted by Mario Tronco, the Orchestra – made up of musicians with very different cultural and musical backgrounds – brings to the opera each of its members’ own culture and language – Arabic, English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Wolof and Italian – in styles that range from folk to reggae, classical, pop and jazz.

The Magic Flute according to Orchestra di Piazza Vittorio has now become something of a cult show after over 150 repeat performances (30 January 2015 is the only date in the Veneto). The opera is set in an imaginary country with no references to real geography and tells the tale of a contemporary Magic Flute in the multiracial society of today. This is not a performance of the complete Mozart opera. The melodies are recognisable although some are only hinted at, with no development or virtuoso parts, and are interwoven with original pieces invented by the Orchestra.

The Orchestra di Piazza Vittorio is one of the most significant examples of a multiethnic big band in which musicians from various parts of the world come together in composite ensembles with variable combinations. It is a practical case of how new contemporary creativities experiment with musical languages from various cultures to forge original sound forms containing elements from native cultures, reconfigured in innovative imaginative forms.

This performance of the Magic Flute according to the Orchestra di Piazza Vittorio is being staged in collaboration with the City of Venice Department of Cultural Activities and Tourism and the Teatro Stabile del Veneto Carlo Goldoni, with the support of the Veneto Region.

Admission to the concert is free while seats last.

To be sure of a seat at this one-off date in Venice, send an email to info@cini.it with your name (maximum of 2 per email) before 23 January 2015.

You will then receive an email confirming your reservation to be printed and shown at the theatre entrance.

Each booking is strictly personal and you will be asked to produce an identity document; any changes of name must be made by email in good time.