Thirteenth World Conference on the Future of Science The Lives to Come

Venice, Island of San Giorgio Maggiore

How will the life of humankind change over the next twenty years? How will we be nourished
and how will we care for ourselves? What new horizons will open up for scientific research?
How will health change and how will it impact on our quality of life?

The thirteenth Future of Science conference, being held just under a year after the death of Umberto Veronesi, aims to celebrate his scientific and political legacy and his vision of the future, as well as consider the challenges we are facing, the opportunities that we will have to grasp, and the commitment to a free and democratic science in the awareness of an increasingly difficult and complex society. This is an extraordinary opportunity to launch a high-standard debate involving students, universities, researchers, representatives of institutions and the  economy and the whole of civil society.

The Future of Science is an annual series of conferences jointly organised by the Fondazione Umberto Veronesi, the Fondazione Silvio Tronchetti  Provera and the Fondazione Giorgio Cini, with the aim of exploring the importance of scientific progress as a means to improving the quality of our lives as we outline a new role for science in the society of the third millennium.

The Future of Science 2017_programma