Tiziano Terzani. Guardare i fiori da un cavallo in corsa

Year: 2014

Tiziano Terzani. Guardare i fiori da un cavallo in corsa

Edited by àlen Loreti

Rizzoli, Milan, 2014

Edited by Àlen Loreti and published by Rizzoli, this illustrated book provides an intimate portrait of the great Italian journalist, who died ten years ago, based on his personal documents preserved in the Fondazione Giorgio Cini. In fact Terzani’s library, the books that stimulated his thinking and travels, his personal archive, letters, some objects and photographs were presented by the Terzani family to the Fondazione Giorgio Cini in 2012. Opening those books and browsing through his notes enables us to grasp his moods and to describe his world through his own words, images and memories of a lifetime. Starting from the proceedings at the conference entitled “Tiziano Terzani: portrait of a connoisseur”, held at the Fondazione Giorgio Cini in May 2012, the book recounts his restless, insatiable curiosity and yearning for freedom. It is enhanced by various personal accounts and contributions concerning the man, writer, photographer and enthusiast of Asian culture and spirituality, including a text by his wife, Angela Staude.