Venezia settecento. Studi in memoria di Alessandro Bettagno

Year: 2015

Venezia settecento. Studi in memoria di Alessandro Bettagno

Edited by Božena Anna Kowalczyk

Silvana Editoriale, Milan, 2015

Alessandro Bettagno (1919-2004) was an historian of Venetian art, exhibition curator and university professor. The last member of the glorious post-war generation of great scholars, his name has always been associated with the Fondazione Giorgio Cini Institute of Art History, with which he was involved for almost half a century, rst as secretary and then as director. During his time at the Institute, he staged unforgettable exhibitions of Venetian art, conceived and curated with unagging commitment, which also characterised his work in other Venetian and Italian institutions. To celebrate his remarkable series of exhibitions and studies, always pursued with great enthusiasm from a modern international perspective, and to honour his memory, a group of scholar friends have now dedicated this volume of essays to the century that he loved most, the Settecento, and his favourite artists from that period: Antonio Pellegrini, Canaletto, Bellotto, Guardi, Piranesi and Anton Maria Zanetti, his life “companion”, whose manuscript library inventory is also published here.