Guided tours

The New Manica Lunga

The ancient Benedictine dormitory, recently transformed into a modern library;

The Cypress Cloister

A splendid example of Renaissance architecture by Giovanni and Andrea Buora;

The Palladian Cloister

Designed by Andrea Palladio and completed in the early 17th century;

The Palladian Cenacle

The refectory completed by Palladio in the late 16th century featuring Paolo Veronese’s Wedding at Cana in facsimiles and the boiserie realised by Michele De Lucchi;

Longhena’s grand staircase

The monumental entrance providing access to the abbots’ lodging, completed by Baldassarre Longhena in 1643;

The Longhena Library

Completed in 1671, furnished with original bookcases carved by Franz Pauc.

The Borges Labyrinth

A reconstruction of the maze that architect Randoll Coate designed in the writer’s honour.