“Egida Sartori” Early Music Seminars

Call for young singers and instrumentalists specialised in late-medieval or renaissance repertoires: THE LEUVEN CHANSONNIER


Discovered in 2015, the Leuven chansonnier is an important source for our knowledge of late-fifteenth-century French-Flemish chansons.

The seminar will focus on the unica pieces, those still requiring special attention as to their possible attributions and stylistic features.

The seminar’s main lecturer will be Anna Danilevskaia, an expert medievalist who, with her famous Ensemble Sollazzo, recently recorded the entire contents of the chansonnier. Some of the musicologists active in the exegesis of the new source will assist the seminar with presentations or round tables.



Application deadline postponed to April 30, 2024



New 2-month residential scholarship announcement – Vittore Branca Center


The Fondazione Giorgio Cini offers 9 residential scholarships to PhD students, PhDs and postdoc scholars (who must not be over 40 years old on June 30, 2024) interested in spending two months in Venice between January and December 2025.

Applicants shall propose a research project in one of the following fields: art history, history of Venice, literature, musicology, ethonmusicology, theatre, early printed books, comparative cultures and spiritualities and digital humanities.


Application deadline: 30 June 2024

Info: / +39 041 2710253


Benno Geiger Scholarship announcement, for literary studies


The Fondazione Giorgio Cini offers one 3-month residential scholarship, to enable studies focused on the Benno Geiger Archive, which is preserved on the Island of San Giorgio Maggiore, as well as on other literary archives held at the Fondazione.

The 3-month research residency shall take place between October 2024 and October 2025.



Application deadline: 30 June 2024



Fondazione Giorgio Cini – Renaissance Society of America Grant / Patricia H. Labalme Grant


In 2011 Fondazione Giorgio Cini and Renaissance Society of America (RSA) established the Patricia H. Labalme Grant, awarding $3,000 to a selected scholar willing to study Renaissance-related topics in Venice, working at the Vittore Branca Center for one month.


Info: The RSA – Patricia H. Labalme Grant