A Guest at the Castle. The Gathering of the Manna by Pauwels Franck (Paolo Fiammingo)

plus Oct, 12 2023Mar, 17 2024

The annual programme of joint initiatives with the Veneto Regional Council concerning Monselice Castle was inaugurated with the conference held in the ancient manor house on 27 June 2023 entitled ‘The Monselice armoury, one of the finest collections of weaponry in Italy’, during which the new portal for online consultation of the Regional Photo Library was presented, of which the photographs of the castle armoury – a collection of no fewer than 904 weapons, second in the Veneto region only to that of the Armoury of the Doge’s Palace in Venice – constitute one of the most interesting and articulated sections. This first initiative is followed by a second major event: from 12 October 2023 one of the most valuable paintings owned by the Fondazione Giorgio Cini, from the collections of Vittorio Cini and once housed in his residence in Monselice, will be displayed in the rooms of Monselice Castle: The Gathering of Manna by Pauwels Franck.
This is a mature work by Pauwels Franck or Francken (better known in Italy as Paolo Fiammingo), a master from Antwerp and pupil and collaborator of Tintoretto, who specialised in Venice with a prolific workshop and a genre production oriented towards landscape, where the Flemish and Venetian traditions come together.


The exhibition at Monselice Castle offers an opportunity to admire and introduce to the public the painting which is already part of the Vittorio Cini Collection, fully restored to its former glory thanks to the restoration work carried out in 2011.