Accademia Vivaldi 2018 Masterclass on the performance practice of the music of Antonio Vivaldi

Island of San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice
plus Feb, 14Dec, 15 2018

After the success of Accademia Vivaldi (7-14 July 2017) the Istituto Italiano Antonio Vivaldi is organizing a second edition that is quite different from the previous one.

Instead of a single session there will be 8 meetings (of 3 days each) for young musicians and singers concerning the performance practice of Vivaldi’s compositions. The Accademia will take place at Giorgio Cini Foundation located on San Giorgio Island, Venice.

4 meetings, concerning sacred music, serenate and chamber cantatas and musical dramas, will be held by the soprano Gemma Bertagnoli. 2, concerning violin sonatas and concertos, will be held by the violinist Giorgio Fava. And 2, concerning cello sonatas and concertos, will be held by the cellist Walter Vestidello.

The harpsichordist Antonio Frigé (member of the Istituto Italiano Antonio Vivaldi and one of the responsible for the critical edition made by the institute itself) will accompany the students during all the 8 meetings of the Accademia.

The students will be able to compare themselves to the musicologists that collaborate with the Istituto Vivaldi, continuing the exchange between musicians and musicologists inaugurated in the previous edition of Accademia, to study the various theoretical aspects concerning Vivaldi’s compositions and contexts.


Accademia Vivaldi 2018

Masterclass on the performance practice of the music of Antonio Vivaldi

Venice, Fondazione Giorgio Cini, 14th – 17th February; 14th -17th March; 18th – 21st April;

16th – 9th May; 6th – 9th June; 24th – 27th October; 14th – 17th November; 12th – 15th December.

Deadlines for presentation of requests: 5th February; 12th February; 12th March; 16th April; 7th May; 24th September; 15th October; 12th November.

 The Istituto Italiano Antonio Vivaldi organizes eight meetings on the performance practice of the compositions by Antonio Vivaldi, dedicated to young singers and musicians.

Each meeting will take place at Fondazione Giorgio Cini, on the island of San Giorgio Maggiore, in Venice, and will last for three whole days, from 2 pm on the first day (Wednesday) to 1 pm on the fourth day (Saturday).

The teachers are Gemma Bertagnolli (singing), Giorgio Fava (violin) and Walter Vestidello (cello). Harpsichord: Antonio Frigé.

 Gemma Bertagnolli

She began a career very young that soon led her to sing in the main Italian and foreign theaters and festivals. She is considered one of the leading interpreters for Italian baroque music. He is currently a teacher of baroque singing at the Department of Early Music at Conservatorio of Vicenza, at the HFK in Bremen and at the Kusatsu International Academy, Japan.

 Giorgio Fava

Giorgio Fava grew up as violinist in his town, Treviso, with Antonio and Giuliano Carmignola, completing then his studies with M° Corrado Romano in Geneve. In the same Swiss city, at Centre de Musique Ançienne, he studied with Chiara Banchini, getting in 1985 the diploma cum laude in barock violin.

Since 1983 he is first violin of Sonatori de la Gioiosa marca, the internationally known ensemble, who nowadays keeps a role of authority in the interpretation of Venetian music of XVII and XVIII century. He recorded for the principal recording companies (Erato, Warner Classics, Decca, Divox, Opus 111, Arcana, RCA e DHM/Sony etc.) and European radios.

Since the beginning of his carreer, he joins the concertistic and research activity, also the didactic one: he taught since 1981 at Conservatorium of Venice and Castelfranco Veneto; he has been Professor of barock violin at Hochschule für Musik in Trossingen (Germany) since 1994 to 1997; since 2004 he is regular holder of the advanced course of barock/classic violin at Conservatorium A. Steffani in Castelfranco Veneto. In 2001, during the celebrations of Premio Internazionale del Disco Antonio Vivaldi, instituted by Fondazione Giorgio Cini in Venice, he got the special prize of jury.


Walter Vestidello

Walter Vestidello attended the Conservatorio di Musica “B. Marcello” in Venice under M. Adriano Vendramelli.
When he was young, he was ‘First cello’ (‘Primo violoncello’) in the Orchestra Filarmonia Veneta; now he covers the same role in the Orchestra della Fenice and in the Orchestra Filarmonica del Teatro di Venezia.
In 1983 he and other musicians from Treviso founded “Sonatori de la Gioiosa Marca”, an ensemble which plays scores from the Baroque-Classic period basing on the original praxis rules and that has performed in several music events in the whole Europe in collaboration with World class soloists for more than 30 years.
From 2007 to 2012 he was ‘First cello’ in the Orchestra Mozart (founded and directed by Claudio Abbado) playing, on request of M. Abbado himself, in chamber music concerts with the soloists of the orchestra.
He taught Baroque cello for Asolo Musica, Conservatorio di Vicenza, Fondazione “G. Cini” in Venice, in Valdagno and Recoaro (Vicenza), Chioggia, San Vito al Tagliamento. He teaches Baroque/Classic cello at the Conservatorio “J. Tomadini” in Udine and in the Academic biennium at the Conservatorio di Castelfranco Veneto where he has coordinated the instrumental activity of ancient music for 10 years.
He has cured the preparation of the cello row in the OGI (Orchestra Giovanile Italiana) for many years and he took part in the activities of the Accademia Filarmonica of Bologna as a teacher for cello and chamber music.
He has collaborated with the Radio della Svizzera Italiana (RSI) for a long time, he played for Rai3, for Austrian radio, for WDR (Germany), for Deutschland Rundfunk of Cologne and for record labels such as “Deutsche Harmonia Mundi”, Opus 111-WDR, Divox Antiqua, RCA, Virgin, Warner Classics (Vivaldi ‘s “Concerti per violoncello” as a soloist)
Now he is a professor of cello at the Conservatorio “A. Steffani” in Castelfranco Veneto (Treviso).


Antonio Frigé

Born in Milan, where successfully graduated in organ, organ composition and harpsichord at the Conservatorio G.Verdi, Antonio Frigé  began a deep activity of concerts which led him to play all over Europe and USA for the most prestigious concert societies.

Expecially keen in the literature of the XVII and the XVIII centuries performed on historical instruments, he already recorded several CDs as soloist and as a member of chamber music group.

Since 1982 he plays in duo with Gabriele Cassone and in 1989 he founded the Ensemble “Pian & Forte”.

At the present time he is teaching Basso continuo and chamber music by the “Scuola Civica di Musica Claudio Abbado di Milano” and organist of San Simpliciano Basilica in Milan.



From 14th to 17th February: Sacred vocal music (Gemma Bertagnolli)

From 14th to 17th March: Secular vocal music (cantatas and serenate) (Gemma Bertagnolli)

From 18th to 21st April: Violin sonatas (for one or two violins and B.C.) (Giorgio Fava)

From 16th to 19th May: Musical dramas I (Gemma Bertagnolli)

From 6th to 9th June: Cello sonatas (Walter Vestidello)

From 24th to 27th October: Musical dramas II (Gemma Bertagnolli)

From 14th to 17th November: Cello concertos (Walter Vestidello)

From 12th to 15th December: Violin concertos (Giorgio Fava)


For each meeting, no more than seven active students will be admitted at the sole discretion of the commission.

The Istituto Italiano Antonio Vivaldi will provide scholarships, which will cover the costs of attendance, for all students admitted.

Students can also stay on the Island of San Giorgio Maggiore, at the Residenza of Vittore Branca International Center of Italian Civilization, in a single room at a price of 55 euros per night or in a double room at a price of 45 euros per night.

Candidates must send to the e-mail address :

– detailed curriculum vitae

– copy of an identity document

– link to a video recording a performance of two pieces by Antonio Vivaldi or other author of the same period.

Individual students or pre-established ensembles (1 or 2 violins + basso continuo) will be admitted to the courses.

At the end of each meeting a certificate of attendance will be issued on request.

The meetings are also open to auditors, upon request and following approval.