Accademia Vivaldi “Advanced Workshops on Performing the Music of Antonio Vivaldi”

Island of San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice, Isola di San Giorgio Maggiore, Venezia
plus Feb, 22Nov, 18 2023

In 2023, the advanced courses on the performance of Antonio Vivaldi’s music will continue in six encounters lasting three–four days each. Prior to the start of the courses, there will be an appointment, held by Federico Maria Sardelli, entitled “Interpreting Vivaldi from his manuscripts”, providing an introduction to the subsequent courses, aimed at instrumentalists, singers, conductors and musicologists who wish to deepen their understanding of the performance practices of Vivaldi’s music through the study of his manuscripts and the many interpretative notes to be found therein. More than any of his contemporaries, Vivaldi is the composer who littered his scores with invaluable indications for the performer. Gathering them from all his manuscripts, learning how to interpret them and contextualise them, offers a great help to performance practices, providing answers to many questions and allowing us to correct numerous errors and misunderstandings of our times.


Over the course of the year, there will be five appointments dedicated to singing (sacred vocal music, secular vocal music and musical dramas), held by Gemma Bertagnolli, Veronica Cangemi and Sergio Foresti, and one appointment dedicated to the basso continuo, held by Antonio Frigé.