Accademia Vivaldi. Masterclasses on the interpretation of the music of Antonio Vivaldi

Isola di San Giorgio Maggiore, Venezia
plus Oct, 18 2023Feb, 23 2024

The courses of the Accademia Vivaldi will continue in the autumn with masterclasses on the performance practices of Antonio Vivaldi’s compositions, dedicated to young singers and instrumentalists. The last two encounters will be dedicated to singers and will be led by baritone Sergio Foresti and soprano Gemma Bertagnolli. The ten students selected and scholarship winners will have the opportunity not only to enhance their own interpretation, but also to explore musicological aspects of the pieces examined, thanks to lectures given by musicologists in partnership with the Istituto Italiano Antonio Vivaldi and with the research group ‘La drammaturgia musicale a Venezia (1678–1792)’ of the Fondazione Ugo e Olga Levi.

There will be a concert at the end of each of the two encounters.