Early-Music Seminars 2020 | Antonio Caldara in Venice and at Vignanello 1709-1716

Island of San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice
plus Feb, 0105 2020

The Twinned Labyrinths seminar pays homage to the Venetian composer Antonio Caldara, a singer, violinist and cellist in the Cappella Ducale San Marco and a long-term guest in the residences of Prince Francesco Maria Ruspoli, including Vignanello Castle (Viterbo), where he met some of the most distinguished musicians of the age and composed an immense  repertoire of cantatas, serenades and oratorios. Some of these pieces were performed in the courtyards and gardens of the prince, including the famous Vignanello Giardino di verdure, a kind of garden maze built by Ottavia Orsini in 1611.
The seminar will focus on instrumental chamber repertoires and the works composed during the Vignanello period, with a special emphasis on cantatas and serenades. There will be master-classes by Amandine Beyer and lectures for violinists and solo singers, with a final concert on 4 February at the Squero Auditorium. Directed by Pedro Memelsdorff, the seminar has been organised by the Fondazione Giorgio Cini with the contribution and collaboration of the Fondation Concordance and the Irma Merk and L. + Th. La Roche Foundations (Basel, Switzerland).