ARCHiVe Online Academy 2023 – 2024


Fondazione Giorgio Cini, in the context of the activities of the ARCHiVe Center (Analysis and Recording of Cultural Heritage in Venice), renews the appointments of AOA | ARCHiVe Online Academy, the training program dedicated to digital preservation and enhancement of cultural heritage and the Digital Humanities.


The meetings will be held in presence and/or online through the Zoom platform.

The program is aimed at anyone wishing to deepen their skills in the field of cultural heritage digitization.

In order to participate in the meetings, it is necessary to register via a form: a dedicated form will be published for each course.
The calendar of appointments is constantly being updated.


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Programma AOA | ARCHiVe Online Academy 

settembre 2023 – maggio 2024


14 September 2023

Across the Planet. The Past and the Future of Libraries

An online presentation of the research conducted by Cristina Dondi (University of Oxford) and her colleagues on the collection of the incunabula to be found in the library of the former monastery of San Giorgio Maggiore. This will be followed by a talk given by Carolina Gris (Factum Foundation) on the collection of medieval Arabic manuscripts on falconry, the protagonists of the Middle-East Falconry Archive (MEFA) project. 


9 – 13 October 2023

Analysis and Recording of Cultural Heritage in Venice. 2D and 3D Digitisation of Cultural Heritage

ARCHiVe’s first intensive, in-person, limited-attendance workshop dedicated to the application of non-contact and high-resolution digital technologies for the documentation of artistic, archival and architectural heritage. With a duration of thirty hours, the residential workshop is based on a learning-by-doing approach, and alternates theoretical lectures with practical sessions, offering training of a professionalising nature. 

Participants are introduced to specific 2D and 3D digitisation techniques and methods that ARCHiVe has pioneered over recent years in the context of projects developed in Venice and abroad. The workshop will be held on the Island of San Giorgio Maggiore, and places are open to students and professionals of different backgrounds and even without experience, who will have the chance to practice in the field alongside experts from Factum Foundation and the Fondazione Giorgio Cini. 


17, 19, 24, 26 October 2023

From Costume to Fashion Archives

An online course split into two modules in partnership with the Fondazione Giorgio Cini’s Institute of Theatre and Opera and Clara Tosi Pamphili, former director of the Accademia Costume e Moda in Rome as well as the creator and curator of A.I. Artisanal Intelligence. 

The first module (17 – 19 October, 4pm – 6pm CET), entitled The archives of costume: digitisation, description and reuse, consists of two lectures by Maria Ida Biggi (director of the Institute of Theatre and Opera) and Amin Farah (digital fashion designer, Theblacklab Digital Studio). Starting with a reflection on the Foundation’s collections, the lectures present a number of examples of costume archives, with a focus as much on the aspects of archival description and the digitisation of assets as on digital fashion, an executive application that represents the marriage of virtual reality and tailoring. 

The second module (24 – 26 October, 4pm – 6pm CET), New archives visible and invisible: the archive as a place for digitising memory, consists of two meetings with talks by Clara Tosi Pamphili, Olivier Saillard (director of Fondation Azzedine Alaïa, former director of the Galliera Museum – Musée de la Mode de la Ville de Paris) and Gaël Mamine (designer, Fondation Azzedine Alaïa). The digital archiving of costumes for the performing arts constitutes a point of contact between artistic production and craftsmanship: costume, unlike fashion, concerns transversal fields of definition where information for traditional filing is added to that evoked by the protagonists (such as tailors and costume designers) and those useful for in-depth study of the history of theatre, cinema and fashion. 


Please note that the lecture scheduled for 26 October has been postponed. New date will  be announced soon.


13 November 2023

The Digitisation of Business Archives: the Italgas Heritage Lab model as a place for digital transformation.

An online meeting, 3pm – 5pm CET, dedicated to the potential of a digital company archive and the methods of preservation and sharing, in particular of the extensive documentation tracing the history of the Italgas company. Guests of the meeting include Daniela Marendino (Curator Archivio Storico Italgas), Katya Corvino (HeritageLab Manager), Matteo Allasia (HeritageLab) and Giovanni Michetti (La Sapienza University, Rome). 

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22 November 2023 

The digitisation and valorisation projects of Venetian music archives

A study day on the Island of San Giorgio Maggiore in Venice, in collaboration with the Institute for Music and the Intercultural Institute of Comparative Music Studies of the Fondazione Giorgio Cini. The meeting was created to take stock of the state of the art of projects for the description, digitisation and valorisation of the main sound and music archives belonging to various city institutes actively engaged in this regard. The aim is to share methods and technologies, good practices and virtuous choices adopted by the various institutions called upon to participate, highlighting the peculiarities of each archive and emphasising the links that unite them. 


23 January 2024

Creative Access and Digital Innovation

An online panel discussion curated by Virginia Marano (University of Zurich), a Fondazione Giorgio Cini fellow in the PNRR–PEBA project for the Removal of Physical, Cognitive and Sensory Barriers in Cultural Sites (EU-funded grant – NextGenerationEU). The event features four professionals and experts in the fields of accessibility and emerging digital innovations: Kamran Behrouz (visual artist), Amanda Cachia (University of Houston), Georgina Kleege (University of California, Berkeley) and Nina Mühlemann (artist). The event explores the role of new digital technologies from an artistic and academic perspective, delving into issues related to digital knowledge and spatial fruition. Guests and the participating group will have the opportunity to discuss and initiate a discussion on the points of convergence between art, scientific research and digital innovation with a view to new strategies for accessibility and inclusion. 


22  February 2024

Copyright for cultural property

The online meeting is designed as an opportunity to reflect on the value, legitimacy and “rights” of the contemporary artwork within our society. Starting with some case studies and thanks to the analysis of different professionals, the topics of copyright, authenticity and different interpretations for visual artworks and the world of digital creativity are intended to be explored. The guests and lecturers are: Virginia Montani Tesei (lawyer), Mario Pieroni (gallerist), Elena Forin (curator), Lorenzo Respi (Director of Exhibitions and Collections – FMAV Fondazione Modena Arti Visive), Francesco Paolo Micozzi (lawyer), Giovanni Floridi (notary) and Chiara Casarin (Head of Cultural Development and Communication, Fondazione Giorgio Cini).


14 e 15 March 2024

Fashion and textiles from digitisation to artificial intelligence

An online course held by Elisabetta Cianfanelli, Paolo Franzo and Margherita Tufarelli of the REI Design Lab at the University of Florence. Through the presentation of a series of research projects and case studies, the processes, methodologies and challenges of the ongoing digital transition in the fashion system are explored. In this evolution, archives are transformed into multisensory and multivalent datasets that may be drawn upon through algorithms and artificial intelligence to create new contents. 


March 2024 (TBD)

3D digital investigation for canvases and painted panels

An online course in which two works are presented: the digitisation of the Palazzo Cini Gallery (47 paintings), carried out last winter by ARCHiVe, and the digitisation of a canvas by Jacopo Tintoretto belonging to the collections of the Gallerie dell’Accademia in Venice (The Creation of the Animals, 1550–1553). An in-depth study is proposed on the methodologies used for the digital acquisition of the works and the opportunities for investigation made possible only through the three-dimensional digital acquisition of the painting surface and the support itself. 

Speakers include Carlos Bayod Lucini (architect, project director for Factum Foundation) expounding on the methodologies deployed for the digital acquisition of works; Sven Dupré (art historian, Utrecht University) on the investigation of art techniques, and Cleo Nisse (art historian, Columbia University) on the new opportunities offered by digitisation for the study of painting supports. 


4 April 2024 

The new Digital Library of the Fondazione Giorgio Cini

Online talk to present one of the recent achievements of the ARCHiVe Centre: the creation of a new Digital Library to promote the book collections (and more) of the Fondazione Giorgio Cini. The rich and heterogeneous assets are linked to national and international catalogues, now even more easily accessible to a wide audience, thanks to the IIIF (International Image Interoperability Framework) protocol and an API (Application Programming Interface) system that facilitate the sharing of documents and information with other digital libraries with similar characteristics. 


23 May 2024

Paolo Veronese’s Wedding at Cana. History of a re-materialisation

The famous painting, taken from the Island of San Giorgio by Napoleon’s troops before being exhibited at the Musée du Louvre, returned in 2007 to the Palladian refectory, the place it was made for. The 1:1 scale facsimile made by Factum Arte is still an object of study, theoretical reflection and experimentation for fruition. The meeting aims to trace the history of the painting and its re-materialisation, while also presenting the new system of valorisation developed in 2023. 

Speakers: Adam Lowe (Factum Foundation), Carlos Bayod Lucini (Factum Foundation), Chiara Casarin (Fondazione Giorgio Cini). 

Also participating are: Luca Marinsalti (iGuzzini) and Mariluce Geremia (San Marco Group SpA, promoter of the new project to valorise The Wedding at Cana).


Archivio AOA 2023


1 marzo 2023

La conservazione della memoria di impresa: il nuovo orizzonte degli archivi digitali (online soon)

Seminar curated by Fondazione Giorgio Cini and Heritage Lab Italgas


26 e 27 aprile 2023

Workshop La terza cosa. Sulla fotografia digitale

Curated by Ljubodrag Andric


24 maggio e 7 giugno 2023

AOA Course| ARCHiOx. Exploring the potential of photometric stereo 3D capture through recordings made at the Bodleian Libraries, University of Oxford

Session 1 and Session 2

Curated by John Barrett