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ARCHiVe Online Academy – Photography applied to digitalisation

plus May, 0512 2020
  1. Photography applied to digitalisation (5, 7 and 12 May)

The first course focuses on photography applied to digitisation with a special emphasis on photographing documentation.


The first module on Tuesday 5 May will deal with the rudiments of digital photography and will include a brief examination of the fundamental elements of the camera.

The second (May 7) will offer an overview of studio photography, including the characteristics of light and its management, while the basics of digital post-production and the rules for correct digitisation will be tackled on the last day (May 12).


Teachers: Rosario Terranova and Noemi La Pera, final-year students in photography at the Istituto Superiore per le Industrie Artistiche (ISIA), Urbino, and ARCHiVe collaborators.


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