Bîrûn Ottoman Music Workshop – Nefes of the Sufi Bektashi

Island of San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice
plus MAR, 24 2018

Bîrûn Concert 

Nefes from Istanbul and Balkans Sufi Bektashi Confraternities
directed by Kudsi Erguner

24 March 6 pm
Island of San Giorgio Maggiore, Fondazione Giorgio Cini, Cenacolo Palladiano

Free admission 

Ensemble Bîrûn 2018

Hakan Erkaraman VOCE

Berke Meyman VOCE

Burak Savaş VOCE

Buse Taş VOCE

Andriana Achitzanova Petala NEY

Giovanni De Zorzi NEY


Deniz Halilağaoğlu KANUN

Dimitros Maragakis KEMENÇE

Nazeer Abdulhai ‘UD

Alexandros Rizopoulos PERCUSSIONI

The Ottoman music seminars will this year present the music of the Bektashi, a Sufi brotherhood originally from Khorasan, in what is now north-east Iran, starting from a manuscript published in Istanbul in 1933.

Ḥājjī Baktāsh Veli, the Sufi saint and eponym of the brotherhood, was a contemporary poet of Rumî (1207-1273). The branch of the brotherhood that developed between Istanbul and the Balkans produced a specific music (and literature) between the fifteenth and twentieth centuries known as Nefes, “murmurs of divine inspiration”. The event is presented over three appointments.

The Ottoman Music Seminar 2018 are held in association with CODARTS (Rotterdam) and ITU (Istanbul).

Info: musica.comparata@cini.it | T 041 2710357