Books at San Giorgio

Island of San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice
plus Oct, 0418 2017

Books at San Giorgio, a series of meetings presenting the latest publications concerning or
published by the Fondazione Cini, will resume this autumn.
At the first meeting, on 4 October, the featured book is La giovinezza di Tintoretto, containing
the proceedings of the conference on Jacopo Tintoretto, the great Venetian painter considered
to be one of the most original Mannerist artists, ahead of the fifth centenary of his birth.

The second date, October 10, will be devoted to the presentation of La scena di Mariano Fortuny.
Atti del Convegno Internazionale di Studi, edited by Maria Ida Biggi, Claudio Franzini, Cristina
Grazioli and Marzia Maino. The book contains the proceedings of the conference on Mariano
Fortuny y Madrazo’s theatre work and poetics, held in Padua and Venice in November 2013.
Scholars and experts explore the work of the multi-faceted Spanish artist, such as his experiments
with stage lighting and stagecraft, and his relations with the great early 20th-century
directors and leading figures in the fields of dance, the visual arts, music and photography.

The last date, on 18 October, will see the launch of two online books by the Institute of Music:
Variazioni in sviluppo. I pensieri di Giovanni Morelli verso il futuro, edited by Giada Viviani,
and Teatro di avanguardia e composizione sperimentale per la scena in Italia: 1950-1975, edited
by Gianmario Borio, Giordano Ferrari and Daniela Tortora.