Libri a San Giorgio 2022

Island of San Giorgio Maggiore
plus Jun, 07Jul, 05 2022

The book review that aims to promote and popularize the publishing production of the Giorgio Cini Foundation resumes in June.


On Tuesday 7 June, the featured book will be La “splendida” Venezia di Francesco Morosini 1619-1694): cerimoniali, arti, cultura, edited by Matteo Casini, Simone Guerriero and Vincenzo Mancini (Fondazione Giorgio Cini and Marsilio, Venice 2022).


On 23 June, it will be the turn of “Ecco il mondo”: Arrigo Boito, il futuro nel passato e il passato nel future, edited by Maria Ida Biggi, Emanuele d’Angelo and Michele Girardi, published by Marsilio. Produced as part of the activities of the National Committee for the Boito Celebrations, this book sums up the state of studies on the work of Arrigo Boito, a highly influential, multifaceted cultural figure in Italy at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries. By re-exploring historical studies and venturing along new paths, experts and scholars have analysed his career, reinterpreting his produc- tion as a composer, librettist and avant-garde scholar, as well as his work as a theatre and music critic, a translator and stage director.


Finally, on 5 July, volumes 79, 80, 81 and 82 of Studi Veneziani (2019 and 2020) will be presented. The event will also be an opportunity to highlight the wide range of topics covered and the interdisciplinary approach of the

only journal dedicated to the history of Venice and the Venetian State and the various forms its culture takes in politics, institutions, society, arts and literature.