Concert Cycle ARCHIPELAGO - Fondazione Giorgio Cini Onlus


Island of San Giorgio Maggiore - Auditorium "Lo Squero"
plus Jan, 31Oct, 31 2019

The series of concerts entitled ARCHIPELAGO, organised by Le Dimore del Quartetto and the Fondazione Giorgio Cini in cooperation with the Fondazione Gioventù musicale d’Italia and the Accademia Walter Stauffer, provide a career opportunity for the young musicians who will be able work on set pieces in variable ensembles during a period of residence and study at the Fondazione Cini.

For this series, a “sponsoring ticket” system has been introduced: anyone choosing to buy “supporter” or “patron” tickets/subscriptions can help fund the guest musicians and the activities of the institutions involved in organising the concerts.


Thursday 31 January 2019, 6pm
Quartetto Adorno (Italy) and Simone Gramaglia, viola from Quartetto di Cremona

Claude Debussy, Quartetto per archi in sol minore op. 10 L 91

Johannes Brahms, Quintetto per archi n. 2 in sol maggiore op. 111


Thursday 28 February 2019, 6pm
Quartetto Dudok (Holland) and Giulia Attili (cello, Italy)

Joseph Haydn, Quartetto per archi in sol minore op. 20 n. 3

Franz Schubert, Quintetto per archi in do maggiore op. 163 D. 956


Thursday 16 May 2019, 6pm

Trio Cygnus (Spain/UK) and Nicoletta Pignataro (viola, Italy)

Robert Schumann, Trio n. 1 in re minore per violino, violoncello e pianoforte op. 63

Johannes Brahms, Quartetto per pianoforte n. 3 in do minore op. 60


Thursday 25 July 2019, 6pm

Quartetto Tchalik (France) and Sae Yoon Chon (piano, Korea)

Aleksandr Skrjabin, Deux Poèmes op. 32

Antonin Dvoràk, Quartetto per archi n. 13 in sol maggiore op. 106

Johannes Brahms, Quintetto in fa minore per pianoforte e archi op. 34


Thursday 12 September 2019, 6pm
Quartetto Akilone (France) and Alexander Ullmann (piano, UK)

Robert Schumann, Tre Pezzi fantastici per pianoforte op. 111

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Quartetto per archi n. 15 in re minore K 421

Robert Schumann, Quintetto in mi bemolle maggiore per pianoforte e archi op. 44


Thursday 17 October 2019, 6pm

Quartetto Furiant (Germania) e Dina Ivanova (pianoforte, Russia)

Claude Debussy – da Préludes Livre I: Le vent dans la plaine; da Préludes Livre II: Feux d’artifice
Sergey Rachmaninov – Etudes Tableaux in do minore op. 39 n. 1
Ludwig van Beethoven – Quartetto per archi n. 8 in mi minore op. 59 n. 2 “Razumowsky”
Antonin Dvoràk – Quintetto per pianoforte n. 2 in la maggiore op. 81




“BASE” – 15€


“PATRON” – 50€


Subscription 6 concerts “BASE” – 60€

Subscription 6 concerts “SUPPORTER” – 120€

Subscription 6 concerts “PATRON” – 200€


Opting for tickets and subscriptions “supporter” and “patron” you can contribute to support young musicians and the activities of the Institutions involved in the organization of the concerts.