Concert Sacred Songs from Istanbul

Island of San Giorgio Maggiore
plus APR, 06 2019
As part of the celebrations to mark the 50th anniversary of the creation of the IISMC, the eighth edition of Bîrûn will bring together some of the best students from previous workshops,
now become professional musicians.
The concert, Sacred Songs from Istanbul, reflects the results of research over the past seven years on the historic sacred repertoires of the
various linguistic communities in Istanbul. This has involved tracking down unpublished manuscripts and highlighting examples of crossovers between local liturgies and the Ottoman
cosmopolitan milieu. 
Abbazia di San Giorgio Maggiore 6pm
Ilhan Yazici VOCE
Bora Uymaz VOCE
Safa Korkmaz VOCE
Burak Savas¸ VOCE
Ibrahim Ethem Uçar VOCE
Giovanni De Zorzi NEY
Selman Erguner VIOLA
Zeynep Yildiz Abbasog˘lu KANÛN
Hasan Kiris¸ TANBÛR
Giannis Koutis ‘UD
Reza Mirjalali TÂR
Jacobus Thiele PERCUSSIONI
Free admission while seats last