The Quartetto di Venezia: The Complete Beethoven String Quartets

Island of San Giorgio Maggiore - Auditorium "Lo Squero"
plus Apr, 23Nov, 19 2016

TICKETS ON SALE  at the ticket office of the “Le Sale del Convitto” Exhibition Center starting from an hour before the event. Pre-sale online on the website BOXOL


In collaboration with the Quartetto di Venezia and Asolo Musica, the Fondazione Giorgio Cini has organised a performance of the complete string quartets of Ludwig Van Beethoven in six public concerts in 2016: three in the first semester and three in the second (17 September, 22 October and 16 November). The aim is to offer audiences, especially Venetian residents, an exceptional artistic experience in the new auditorium on the Island of San Giorgio Maggiore, created by the stunning conversion of the Squero, a former boatyard rebuilt on the island during the historic restoration in the 1950s.

The Quartetto di Venezia has a worldwide reputation for its refined performances, and many critics and experts consider it to be one of the finest Italian string quartets. Entirely made up of Venetians, the quartet has made a name for its initiatives to promote concerts of a high standard in Venice. The series is also part of the goal to set up a long-term project aimed at creating a permanent series of concerts featuring string quartets. The idea is to hold a series of events with an international appeal involving not only performances but also Masterclasses, courses and advanced workshops.

Through collaboration with the Quartetto di Venezia and Asolo Musica, the Fondazione Giorgio Cini thus sets out to further strengthen its already strong ties with the city through a programme designed to meet the taste not only of specialists but also a wider audience of enthusiastic cultivated concertgoers.

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Program of the Concerts

23 April 2016, 5pm

Quartetto in Re maggiore op.18 n.3

Quartetto in Fa maggiore op.18 n.1

Quartetto in La minore op.132


21 May 2016, 5pm

Quartetto in Mi minore op.59 n.2 “Rasumovsky”

Quartetto in La maggiore op.18 n.5

Grande Fuga op.133


25 June 2016, 5pm

Quartetto in Mib maggiore op.74 “Le Arpe”

Quartetto in Do minore op.18 n.4

Quartetto in Sib maggiore op.130


17 September 2016, 5pm

Quartetto in Sol maggiore op.18 n.2

Quartetto in Fa minore op.95 “Serioso”

Quartetto in Do diesis minore op.131


22 October 2016, 5pm

Quartetto in Mib maggiore op.127

Quartetto in Do maggiore op.59 n.3 “Rasumovsky”


19 November 2016, 5pm

Quartetto in Sib maggiore op.18 n.6

Quartetto in Fa maggiore op.59 n.1 “Rasumovsky”

Quartetto in Fa maggiore op.135