Conference “Contemporary spiritualities: open theoretical and methodological issues”

Island of San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice, Isola di San Giorgio Maggiore, Venezia
plus Sep, 2122 2023

Organised by the Centre for the Study of Comparative Civilisations and Spirituality in collaboration with the Italian Association of Sociology (AIS) – Sociology of Religion Section, the conference aims to discuss the state of the art in the sociology of spirituality both on a national and international level. In particular, reflections will address whether and how the ‘spirituality’ category can be translated into theoretical, methodological and empirical terms in various socio-cultural contexts and religious traditions. Furthermore, possible continuities and discontinuities will be examined between spirituality and other categories that, while different, have elements of affinity such as, for example, religion, esotericism, mysticism, New Age, paganism and new religious movements. We will also explore issues such as: spirituality within and out of traditional religion, the comparison between ‘Western’ and ‘Eastern’ spirituality, the relationship between spirituality and social spheres (economics, politics, culture, the media and leisure, etc.), the theoretical boundaries between spirituality and religion, spirituality and gender, and finally methods for studying the relationship between spirituality and secularisation.


The conference will be in Italian.

Free entrance upon registration.

For more information download the programme here.