Conference Stravinsky in Italy. In memory of Roman Vlad

Island of San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice
plus SEP, 2223 2014

The reception of Igor Stravinsky’s music in Italy is the theme of a twoday conference coordinated by Angela Carone, Massimiliano Locanto and Gianfranco Vinay.

On the first day Francesco Fontanelli, Simone Caputo and Simone Ciolfi will consider the reception of Stravinsky’s compositions in the work of Alfredo Casella, Gian Francesco Malipiero and Goffredo Petrassi, while Federica Di Gasbarro, Alessandro Maras and Sabine Meine will illustrate Italian critics’ response to the music of the Russian composer, when performed in cities like Rome and Venice but also in smaller towns.

The second day will be entirely dedicated to the reception of Stravinsky in published and unpublished writings by Roman Vlad, while papers by Elia Andrea Corazza, Susanna Pasticci and Mauro Mastropasqua
will focus on his studies dedicated to Stravinsky’s ballets, vocal works and sacred music, highlighting
the unusual features and innovative aspects compared to previous and contemporary essays on the subject. The conference wishes to commemorate Roman Vlad, a year after his death, which occurred only two months after he had presented his personal archive to the Institute of Music. During the two days of the conference participants will be able to admire a selection of materials related to Igor Stravinsky from the Italian Composers Archives in the Fondazione Giorgio Cini.

The display will be curated by the archivists of the Institute of Music.