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plus Oct, 24Nov, 25 2019

To celebrate 50 years since its foundation, the Intercultural Institute of Comparative Music Studies (IISMC) continues its 2019 programme with a series of autumn events devoted to contemporary and traditional dance in Indonesia, South Korea and Japan.

Thanks to close collaboration with Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, the Teatro Stabile del Veneto and major Asian cultural institutions, such as the ARKO-Art Council Korea and the Japan Foundation, for October and November the IISMC has organised a series of dance events to explore the very rich, complex universe of performing arts in these three Far Eastern countries, the subject of research in the Institute for many years. The performances, shows, lectures and films at the Fondazione Giorgio Cini and in other venues in the city will focus on cross-cultural themes. Tradition and modernity, legacy and rebellion, male and female, nature and nurture, and the symbolism of colour and movement are just some of the themes intermeshed with the versatility typical of Eastern cultures.


24 Oct. | 5 pm
Dancing with my camera on my finger  

Auditorium Santa Margherita / Ca’ Foscari University of Venice

Conversation with Sardono W. Kusumo and film
Presentation by Giovanni De Zorzi, coordination by Vito Di Bernardi

Event in collaboration with the Department of Philosophy and the Cultural Heritage


25 October | 6 pm | Squero Auditorium

The Family of  Man and the Sea (Indonesia)

Performance by Sardono W. Kusumo Art DirectorChoreographer and Dancer

Company: Tony “Broer” Supartono, actor;
Bambang “Besur” Suryono, dancer, actor and vocal artist;
Astri Kusuma Wardani, dancer;
Nur Handayani, singer and vocal artist;
Otto Sidharta, composer and sound designer;
Peter Szilagyi, tour manager

Free admission while seats last


14 November | 4 pm | Squero Auditorium
Performance The Bridging Colours – Blue (Korea)

A performance by the choreographer and dancer Yong Min Cho, accompanied by virtuoso musicians Shin Nal Sae (haegeum, two-stringed vertical fiddle) and Choi Seong Moo (janggu, percussions) in a show specifically created for the Fondazione Giorgio Cini. This is further stage in the exploration of colour, movement and space began in 2014 on San Giorgio with the performance entitled The Bridging Colours: White.

Free admission while seats last.
It is advisable to arrive at the Auditorium at least twenty minutes before the start of the performance (3.40 pm)


20 November | 3pm | CFZ Ca’ Foscari Zattere Cultural Flow Zone – Sala Tesa 1

Dancing the body: the practice of the Amatsu School
Workshop with Amatsu Tatsuhana | Places available: 20


22 November | 4 pm | Museo di Palazzo Grimani
Japanese Dance and its Popular/Folk Roots in the Post-War Period
Lecture by Bonaventura Ruperti; demonstration by Amatsu Tatsuhana and some students


25 November | 6 pm | Teatro Stabile del Veneto Carlo Goldoni

Dances of the Amatsu School. Japanese Dance and its Popular/Folk Roots in the Post-War Period

Performance by Amatsu Tatsuhana and her students: Amatsu Hanayū, Amatsu Tatsuharu, Amatsu Hanawaka, Amatsu Hanayuki
Sounds and music: Tanaka Fumi
Director: Machida Hiroshi


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