Donation Alliata / Strasberg

Island of San Giorgio Maggiore
plus JUL, 06 2015

On July 6, a donation by Anna Strasberg and the Alliata di Montereale family to the Study Centre for Documentary Research into European Theatre and Opera of the Fondazione Giorgio Cini will be formalised at 6.00 pm.
The donation, which encompasses documents that Lee Strasberg collected original material about the actress Eleonora Duse, will integrate the collections of the Eleonora Duse Archive preserved by the Study Center.

Anna Strasberg and the Alliata di Monetreale family will attend.

Lee Strasberg, (born Israel Strassberg; November 17, 1901 – February 17, 1982) was an actor, stage director, producer and acting teacher as well as the soul of the Actors Studio in New York.