Early Music Seminars. //Codex Faenza 117 and the alternatim in late medieval Italy (1390-1430)

plus MAY, 1420 2007

Few Ars Nova manuscripts have received more attention and have created greater controversy (historic-stylistic but especially various kinds of organological disputes) than the Codex Faenza Bonadies 117.
There is still no complete codicological study of the source– the basis for all future analysis of styles and performances.
Three of the four scribes of the original sheets of the codex transcribed diminutions on liturgical tenors: three pairs of Kyrie-Gloria (two corresponding to the mass Vat. IV, and one to the mass Vat. XI); a versicle of Kyrie (Vat. IV); and various sections of a Marian Vespers. This repertory – linked to the ancient practice of the alternatim, i.e. the alternating of voices and instruments in the liturgy – is the main subject of the seminar.
An examination of the various styles of diminution – and manipulation of the tenor – is the (obvious) premise for building a figurative grammar/semantics of the Faenza repertory.
In short, the seminar not only proposes a return to the age-old discussion on the uses of the various repertories or sub-repertories in Faenza 117, but also an analysis and performance of the whole alternatim repertory in the codex. The seminar includes individual (and public) instrumental lessons, and advanced lessons of a monographic type (organological, historical-stylistic, and analytical), plus lectures on the preparatory afternoon of 14 May and throughout the international musicology study day on 19 May. A final concert by the participants is planned for Sunday, 20 May.

14 – 20 May 2007

The ‘Egida Sartori and Laura Alvini’ Early Music Seminars
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