The actress at work. Scripts annotated by Eleonora Duse

Island of San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice
plus MAR, 03 2015JAN, 10 2016

This exhibitions presents a fascinating series of documents illustrating how Eleonora Duse worked on the plays she staged or unrealised projects. Preserved in the Eleonora Duse Archive, the scripts, printed texts and prompters’ copies reveal how the actress wrote notes, made cuts and variations, and added annotations of various kinds. The exhibition provides great insights into her own personal way of reading, interpreting and exploring. The twenty texts on show are effectively complemented by related photographs, reviews, posters and letters.

The scripts are by seven playwrights: D’Annunzio and Ibsen (the most frequently staged), Shakespeare (translated by Arrigo Boito), Gallarati Scotti, Maeterlinck, Praga, and Scribe with Legouve.

Guided tours upon reservation.