Europa Rossi. Singing and Praying in Jewish Italy 1600-1630

Island of San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice
plus NOV, 09 2016

A seminar and a conference – concert to remember one of the earliest Jewish female professional singers in the Western world, the Mantuan Europa Rossi, and her celebrated brother Salomone (1570-c.1630): composer, liturgist, and promoter of the first printed polyphony on Hebrew texts in early 17th-century Venice.

As part of a cooperation project involving the Saly Frommer Foundation and the Anna Pickhardt Seminars, Basel, the Fondazione Giorgio Cini and the Committee for the Fifth Centenary of the Ghetto of Venice (1516-2016), a young soprano will perform a selection of songs composed by Salomone, probably for Europa Rossi, while a vocal group will sing some of Salomone’s most moving Hebrew psalms.

Lastly, two baroque violinists will play a selection of his best-known sonatas and other instrumental music.