Film screening Cenere

Island of San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice
plus MAR, 08 2016

A leaflet for Cenere, published by the film producer, Casa di Produzione Ambrosio, Turin, 1916


To mark a hundred years since the premiere of Cenere (Ash), the Theatre Study Centre is paying homage to this remarkable film and its star by organising a public showing of a previously unpublished coloured copy, courtesy of the Cineteca del Friuli. The film will be accompanied by live music performed by pianist Roberta Paroletti.

Inspired by the homonymous novel by Grazia Deledda and produced by Ambrosio Film, Cenere is the only film starring Eleonora Duse. Set in Sardinia but shot between Ala di Stura and Balme in Piedmont in August 1916, the film describes the intense, tormented mother-son relationship involving Rosalia Derios, played by Duse, and her illegitimate son, Anania (Febo Mari): the heartrending story of abandonment and reconciliation culminates in tragedy. Enthusiastic about her character and part, after seven years away from the stage, Eleonora Duse directed the film and also worked on the script together with Riccardo Artuffo.

The film will be introduced by a round table with the aim of exploring the themes associated with the film and its genesis.

Maria Ida Biggi and Maria Pia Pagani will intervene.