Free Books Day

Island of San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice, Isola di San Giorgio Maggiore, Venezia
plus Jun, 2323 2022

The Fondazione Giorgio Cini is holding a Free books day as a lively way of promoting and spreading knowledge. The aim of the event is not only to share some of the cultural heritage at the Foundation by making available thousands of books for free. It is also a means of pursuing a policy for their sustainable reuse by giving them a second life. On making a donation of €10 at the entrance, book-lovers will be given a Fondazione Cini tote bag. They will then be able to choose from a wide array of books laid out on tables in the Palladian cloister. Each person can take home as many free books as fit into one Fondazione Cini tote bag. On acquiring the bag, visitors will also be offered a discount on admission to the Palazzo Cini Gallery.


Registration for the event is required on the Eventbrite platform at this link.