Free Books Day

plus DEC, 13 2023

The Fondazione Giorgio Cini renews its appointment with the Free Books Day – the event dedicated to the more sustainable reuse of ‘paper’ culture and aimed at students, enthusiasts, collectors and scholars who wish to expand their libraries.
On 13 December, 3.30pm, books, monographs, journals, catalogues and essays selected after a long inventory process involving the entire book heritage will be made available to the public. By purchasing a tote bag, with a symbolic donation of €10, you will be able to fill it free of charge with the titles you want from among those present. The operation stems from the desire to put culture back into circulation, to give books a second life and provide a new voice for the authors of major contributions that have marked the activities of the Fondazione Giorgio Cini and all its Institutes.

A fundamental aspect of this event is the focus on sustainability. Every book picked up during Free Books Day contributes to a conscious reuse of cultural resources, avoiding waste and promoting ecological practices.


Registration for the event is required on the Eventbrite platform at this link.