International Conference The Female Voice in the Twentieth Century: Material, Symbolic and Aesthetic Dimensions

Island of San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice
plus Mar, 1618 2018

The female voice embodies several aspects of the contemporary world and studies on the subject
require a multidisciplinary approach. Coordinated by Michela Garda and Serena Facci,
this conference will investigate the importance of the material, symbolic and aesthetic dimensions
of the female voice. The first session will be dedicated to theoretical thinking arising from
the impact of vocal and compositional practices; the second will deal with the role of the voice
in musical theatre in terms of compositions and performances; the third will focus on vocal
experimentation and the extension of expressive possibilities; and the fourth will explore the
“grain of the voice” and new vocal timbres, by comparing experiences in experimental composition,
popular music and jazz.
On the second evening of the conference there will be a conversation between Stefano La Via
(University of Pavia) and the singer Maria Pia De Vito, followed by musical demonstrations in
which she will be accompanied by the pianist How Warren.