Photography Masterclass | Describing the Other: Migrations and Exile - Fondazione Giorgio Cini Onlus

Photography Masterclass | Describing the Other: Migrations and Exile

Island of San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice
plus Dec, 0911 2021

Event organized in collaboration with Magnum Photos


Promoted by the Centre for Comparative Studies of Civilisations and Spiritualities, this event dedicated to photography and “otherness”will be divided into two parts: a private masterclass of photography (in English), whose participants will be chosen through a selection of their works and a lectio magistralis (in Italian) open to the public, in which the practice of photography will be compared with the humanities. The event will be directed by Alex Majoli, an international award-winning, world-renowned Italian photographer, best known for his war reports. Since 2001 he has been a full member of the Magnum Photos international agency. The theme of the masterclass will be “Describing the Other: Migrations and Exile”.
The participants will be able to explore several topics: technical issues related to photography, the narration of the Other (in ethnic and religious terms) and issues concerning the photographic medium as a border language between art and theatre. Majoli will be joined in the masterclass by artist, designer and curator Erik Kessels, co-founder of KesselsKramer Publishing.
The lecture in Italian entitled “Representations of the Other, narrating the migration between photography and social sciences” will be see the involvement not only of the photographer Alex Majoli, but also the philosopher Adone Brandalise, professor of theory of literature at the University of Padua. Professor Brandalise possesses the rare ability to put into practice interdisciplinary knowledge involving aesthetics, philosophy, psychoanalysis and political theory. The dialogue between photography and human sciences will provide food for thought on the production of “otherness”.