Meeting and Concert of Indian Music with Kirpal and Gurdit Panesar

Island of San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice
plus Nov, 2324 2021

Wednesday 24 November, 6 pm
Concert with free admission – Reservation required
Reservations will be accepted from 17 November by filling in the form that will be specially uploaded on this page.


The Intercultural Institute for Comparative Music Studies resumes its autumn activities with a meeting and concert dedicated to Indian music.
The event, curated by Prof. Laura Leante, is organised in collaboration with Durham University’s Music Department.


For the occasion, the internationally renowned virtuoso esraj player Kirpal Singh Panesar was invited to perform at San Giorgio Island.


Part of the Intercultural Institute of Comparative Music Studies’ long-standing efforts to promote the music of the Indian subcontinent, this concert is a rare opportunity to hear the esraj, a North Indian stringed instrument. Kirpal Singh Panesar will also play the tar shehnai, an esraj whose sound is amplified by a bell-shaped metal horn attached to the sound board. The name (literally “stringed oboe”) refers to the similarity in timbre between the tar shehnai and the wind instrument.


Kirpal Singh Panesar’s training reflects his twofold musical sensibility: he studied both with the great shehnai master Ustad Bismillah Khan and with string virtuosos, such as Ustad Surjeet Singh and Ustad Gurdev Singh. Kirpal’s musical identity reflects the combination of these experiences, and it can be admired in his ability to make the most of the expressive potential of his instruments and their ethereal sonorities.


At the Fondazione Cini, Kirpal will be accompanied by tablist Gurdit Panesar.


Tuesday 23 November, 5 pm

Meeting with the musicians in live streaming on Youtube


The concert will be preceded by a meeting on Indian music on Tuesday 23 November, live streaming on the Foundation’s Youtube channel.