Meeting. “Shakespeare’s Sea”

Island of San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice
plus DEC, 05 2017

Meeting. “Shakespeare’s Sea”
5 December 2017, 6 pm

Venice, Aula Magna, Ateneo Veneto
As part of the activities related to the acquisition of Maurizio Scaparro’s archive, which arrived on San Giorgio in February 2017 at the behest of the stage and film director himself, the Institute of Theatre and Opera has organised a meeting entitled Shakespeare’s Sea. In this journey into the bard’s works involving scholars and artists, the aim is to explore the fascination that the Mediterranean has always exerted on European culture and to study the relationships between the various cultures on its shores. Due to be held at 6 pm on 5 December in the Aula Magna of the Ateneo Veneto, the meeting is the third stage in the Mediterri-Amo project. Having previously visited Rome and Florence, the project now comes to Venice. These culturally lively Italian cities have witnessed key moments in Maurizio Scaparro’s career. A window on the Mediterranean’s many worlds, the project charts a journey made up of images, sounds and words, under the guidance of this leading figure in Italian theatre.

The speakers at the meeting are Carmelo Alberti, Shaul Bassi, Maria Ida Biggi, Emilia Costantini, Pino Micol and Maurizio Scaparro.

In accordance with Maurizio Scaparro, through this event, the Institute continues its activity of preserving and making good use of his archive materials, also by sharing them with the general public.