Palladio’s Refectory

Island of San Giorgio Maggiore
plus APR, 11 2012
After having been closed for a year for major structural and functional restoration works, Palladio’s Refectory with Paolo Veronese’s Wedding at Cana facsimile is once more open for public use. Architect Michele De Lucchi’s refurbishing project for the refectory involved various important operations: the renovation of the roof, which required urgent repair work; the modernisation of the air-conditioning and lighting plants and equipment; the introduction of up-to-date security equipment; and the installation of wooden paneling on the interior walls and floors to restore the acoustic and aesthetic function of the old wainscoting, which had been removed during the various uses of the Island of San Giorgio before Vittorio Cini’s redevelopment programme in the 1950s. 
Patrizio Cuccioletta, Francesco Dal Co, Ciriaco D’Alessio, Michele De Lucchi, Ludovico Ortona will intervene to the event. 
The restoration works was funded by the Magistrato alle Acque, Venice, and Arcus spa. 
Venice, Island of San Giorgio Maggiore
11 April 2012, 17.30
Upon invitation only