Patrick Mimran’s exhibition entitled Out of focus, to be held this spring at Le Stanze della Fotografia, presents the artist’s last ten years of research through a series of works that have never before been exhibited in Italy.
In this new series of large-format photographs, the artist works mainly on the lack of sharpness, not only of the contours, but of the entire image.
Far from being indecisive about the definition of the subject, Patrick Mimran seems to want to bring out reality in its becoming: although at first glance the image may appear abstract, as we observe it, it becomes ever
more realistic.
Over the years, in fact, through his research and various series of works, Mimran has come to the conclusion that the best way to capture a subject – be it a living being or an inanimate object – is not to represent it
faithfully, but on the contrary to move away from it as much as possible, almost to the point of abstraction.