Performance of Traditional and Contemporary Korean Music and Dance The Bridging Colours. White

Island of San Giorgio Maggiore, Island of San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice, Venice
plus JUN, 18 2014

The Intercultural Institute for Comparative Music Studies resumes its activities in the field of contemporary dance while also staging an event featuring Korean performing arts. The Institute has not organised
an event on Korea for many years and the show is also intended to coincide with the return to teaching Korean language and literature courses at Ca’ Foscari University, Venice. The show has been specifically
created for the Fondazione Giorgio Cini by the Korean choreographer Cho Yong Min with the company A+M (Asia Movement), of which Cho Yong Min is director, and in collaboration with the Pyung-In Korean Dance Company and the Nol Eum Pan Korean Traditional Music Team. In the first part of the show artists will present traditional music and dance associated with Shaman rituals, linked symbolically by the colour white, which is connected to the idea of death and rebirth and rituals enacting a reconciliation with the supernatural world. The same musicians will then accompany the dancers in a performance of contemporary choreography.
Borrowing and re-elaborating movements from traditional dance, this choreography sets out to explore the sphere of the senses and the space surrounding us. The performance has been organised with the support of the Korean Ministry of Culture and the Korean Embassy in Italy.