Photography Workshop Photographing the Sacred

Island of San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice
plus Sep, 2426 2019

The Centre for Comparative Studies of Civilisations and Spiritualities is organising a three-day workshop on the relationship between photography and the sacred in collaboration with the  Magnum Photos agency.


The workshop will discuss how to represent religious phenomena and portray rituals, beliefs and life experiences. This means focusing on the production, development, documentation and publication of photographs on the topic.


The workshop will be coordinated by Magnum photographer Jonas Bendiksen, author of The Last Testament, published in 2017 by gost Book. In his book, Bendiksen tells the story of seven  men who claimed to be the biblical Messiah returned to earth. Some have thousands of followers, others only a handful of disciples. All are united in the belief that they are predestined  redeemers, returned to the earth to save the world.


The workshop will offer the opportunity to work alongside the photographer and his publisher Stuart Smith, in an engaging experience that will encourage a group of selected talented participants to go beyond classic storytelling and pictorial techniques.