Seminar Avant-garde  Theatre and Experimental Music for the Stage in Italy: 1950-1975

Island of San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice
plus Nov, 2728 2015
Stage photograph of a scene from the world première of Atomtod by Giacomo Manzoni (Milan, Piccola Scala, 1965). Photo by Erio Piccagliani © Teatro alla Scala

Coordinated by Gianmario Borio, Giordano Ferrari and Daniela Tortora, the seminar is the  first part of a three-year project – jointly  nanced by the Ernst von Siemens Musikstiftung – on experimentation in European musical theatre. On the two days of the seminar the results from research carried out on Italian composers will be presented in the framework of the theoretical elaborations and artistic creativity which for long were a driving force in Europe. 

The participants will dwell on the composers’ reception of the most advanced experiments by playwrights, the elaboration of literary texts and the assembling of texts to be recited or sung, as well as the reorganisation of dramaturgy and stage spaces. There will be a special focus on the sources preserved in the Institute of Music (Guaccero, Macchi, Manzoni and Togni). 

The participants at the seminar are Robert Adlington, Giacomo Albert, Valentina Bertolani, Stefania Bruno, Simone Caputo, Marco Cosci, Mila De Santis, Stefano Lombardi Vallauri, Alessandro Mastropietro, Vincenzina Ottomano, Doerte Schmidt, Emanuele Senici, Valentina Valentini and Giada Viviani.