Seminar Franz Schubert’s Late Piano Sonatas: Analysis and Performance

Island of San Giorgio Maggiore, Venice
plus OCT, 3031 2017

By exploring two late Schubert sonatas (D 894 in G Major and D 959 in A Major), this seminar is a scholarly complement to the recording currently being made by Paolo Zanzu on the Matthias Jakesch fortepiano in the Fondazione Giorgio Cini. Mario Carrozzo, Alessandro Cecchi and Cesare Fertonani, together with the pianist, will discuss, the most important aspects of the two sonatas from Schubert’s late period. On the basis of various analytical approaches, they will highlight the impact of analysis on performance. There will also be a focus, however, on the history of interpretation and the prerogatives of performing on period instruments. In fact, reflecting on performances on period instruments can have important repercussions on musical analysis. The working background to the seminar is the “Theory and

Practice of Music Interpretation”: a systematic set of studies and seminars devoted to specific aspects of various repertoires, whose common denominator is the reference to historical sources, seen both as a reflection of performance practice in treatises on the subject and as audio and video documentation. It also establishes a link with the Research-Led Performance series, which the Institute of Music has organised mainly with performers in mind for the purpose of increasing awareness of the history of musical texts and their interpretations over time.